Why go for Custom Cut Gems

custom cut gems

What are custom cut gems?

There aren't a large number of gems that are precut and ready for purchase. Jewelry designers and trade professionals in the gem design industry and retail consumers might have expertise in custom cut gems. Extensive knowledge of these gems or the gem cutting process is not essential, as we will work hard to make sure that you get perfect custom cut gems that are best suited for your needs.

Why do Custom Cut Gems Appraise Higher Than the Factory Cut Gems

Commercial faceting methods have evolved a lot from what was known in the trade as "native cuts." Once upon a time, most of the gems were cut locally where they were sourced. In today's world, a gem referred to as native cut will usually grade from Fair to Lower than Acceptable.

With good quality equipment and computer-programmed cutting machines, commercial cutting quality vastly improved. Since producing more and more gemstones per day triumphed, commercial cutters have embraced the standardization. Because of which, all their stones, no matter the shape, always look almost the same. These usually grade out as Good to Fair in the grading system.

A professional may have to cut a gemstone, one at a time with a significant amount of focus, for it to earn an Excellent grade. Every custom cut gem would receive a particular facet of design for that particular piece of material, selected to bring out the required beauty in that specific stone. 

The custom process takes up a lot of time and effort. Custom cut gems do not fit into the mass-production process that retail outlets in the market demand. Time is as good as money for the commercial jewelers so that you won't see these jewels at a random chain jeweler. This is exactly why these gems demand a high price. They are rare and worth a lot more in the long run. Custom cut gemstones commonly appraise 40% to 70% higher than the similar range factory cut stones.

Why does custom cut gems make a difference?

It is a sad fact of the gem market that it is impossible for custom cutting, at least for the standards as custom gem cutter workers, to be a fully economically viable activity. Since labor cost frequently increases that of that particular stone, the only time we can justify spending so much of skilled time on a gem is if the stone itself is potentially worth significantly more. The reason for this is that the factory cuts costs and the work costs very little and, on a large scale, it provides a product that satisfies the majority of the market.

Millions of factory cut stones are sold out every year, compared to a few thousand custom cut gems that the connoisseurs like Irisgems buy and sell. We have very little leverage to increasing the market value of premium quality custom cut stones, despite their apparent attractions. The overwhelming majority of the jewelry owners have never seen a premium quality stone or many fascinating, less known gemstones. They are amazed when they see one gemstone rather than the shallow and poorly polished things in their gemstone collections. They just are never aware that it was possible to achieve such results.

Let us see how the commercial cutting compares to custom gem cuts in major areas:

Optical Performance

In an optical performance test, the light reflects and sparkles in the stone. There was a large, lighter-colored area in the middle of the stone. Since commercially cut stone was cut down at wrong angles, the light will just simply through this area. This effect is known as windowing, and it will make the stone appear dead from inside.

The stone on the sparkles because the light cannot really escape through the bottom of the stone. Light bounces around inside, then back up through the top, often in various colors due to the refraction. 


Polish highly benefits from the gem's brilliance. The stones that do not shine well don't receive a good polish. After repeated handling, the stone was probably microscopically scratched and pitted. Even if this stone started to be the most flawless one, it would now look included or dirty upon a careful inspection. One should also watch out for parallel lines and streaks while examining a stone's polish. These are gouges over the stone's surfaces.

Cutting for Weight

If a stone is just being cut for weight, it is not the optimal way. Another way to cut rock for the weight is to have the complete pavilion of the stone belly cut. Sadly, the commercial cutters often cut out an intense stone and make the last set of essential cut facets too shallow. Hence, they still cut a window, even though they have had a lot of material to work with. Also, they will just cut the crown or the top of the stone too shallow. Commercial cutters do this to make a giant belly in the gem pavilion and, thus, yield a heavy stone.

How can IrisGems help you get premium-quality custom cut gems?

We at Iris Gems have at our disposal several advanced tools to assist you with the selection and optimization of the best designs for custom cut gems. We use the latest cutting-edge computer modeling, which allows us to perfectly visualize how a particular design shall perform various gem materials with reasonable accuracy.

​Throughout his years of cutting, we have accumulated an extensive library of faceting designs by working successfully for decades. Sometimes a unique design is needed by the client. If that is the case for you, we can ensure that we have just the proper knowledge and the expertise required to produce that one-of-a-kind design you've always been looking for.

​Clients might have as much or as little in selecting the designs as they want. However, to have custom cut gems commissioned, there is no obligation to make this decision. You have to communicate the shape and the look that you need and do not want any further involvement; Iris gems can take it from there and make a selection that meets your needs perfectly.

When it comes to custom cut gems, we utilize the most delicate equipment available in today's age. Also, superior finished gems start with this foundation only. However, the execution of the cutting and polishing itself is Always in the hands of the lapidary. Our professional and qualified workers cut and polish every stone that we produce, ensuring consistency and high quality.

​After completing cutting work, we provide our clients with photographs of the finished custom cut gems, and we also offer all the essential information regarding size, weight, etc. At this time, the arrangements for the payment of the balance are made, and next, your product is ready for shipment. We offer several convenient and secure payment options for all clients and shipping via the fastest and reliable courier services.