About Us

We started small in 1985. Since day one we have believed in three things – commitment, innovation & quality.

In the beginning, it was tempting to cut corners and do quick sales. It seemed difficult to stand by our principles. After all, there is always so much noise and so much hustle going on that we might believe that it’s okay to trade our standards and principles for some sales. But we realized that uncompromising quality & unparallel service is primary to gain customer trust. In fact, quality is our business plan. It is the core of our philosophy and it is our true north. We are proud to say that commitment to our values has helped us build a strong reputation and an inspiring brand.

Innovation is part of our culture. Our love for experiments has led us to invent new cuts. Our patented cuts have won awards and are very popular with our customers (picture of our award-winning stones below). We thrive on our constant urge for improvements and thus, play a pioneering role in innovations in gemstone industry.

Optix Concave Cut

We understand the importance of having  a vast selection of gemstones to help our customers choose from. Explore our king-sized collection and discover some hidden gems.

Over the years we have curated an unrivaled collection of rare, inimitable, untreated and certified (Gubelin, SSEF, AGL, GRS, GIA) stones. Write to us to know more.

At Iris we have the capability to undertake large customized orders. We have always delighted our customers by giving them timely delivery of stones that fit perfectly in their jewelry.

We have one overarching goal: to win over customers, to truly please them by delivering products and service beyond their expectations, to earn their friendship and build relationships that will endure.

Our Resources & Capabilities

We have worked diligently to  enhance our resources & capabilities. Some of them are listed below

  • An easy access to stones because of our international network of suppliers and the trust we have built over decades.
  • In -house cutting in Asia and in-house gemologists to ensure quality. We can give you consistent quality because we have the cutting machines and skilled people to cut precisely up to 1/10th of a degree.
  • We do single stones, matched pair as well as parcels . And we can undertake large custom cutting orders. We offer consistent supply and timely delivery.
  • Our stones are perfectly calibrated, have precise facets and set easily in your jewelry.
  • Certifications from Gubelin, SSEF, GRS, GIA, AGL are available.