What is the Importance of SSEF certified gemstones

SSEF certified gemstones


Purchasing a high-quality ruby, sapphire, or emerald isn't cheap, but how can you know the lovely, pricey gemstone you're purchasing is of the quality you expect? Origin, colour, carat weight, clarity, cut grade, and treatments are all key factors to consider when determining the value of coloured gemstones. Considering these factors, we can determine how "rare" a gemstone is and determine its price on the basis of its demand. This emphasises the need of obtaining a "good quality" lab report, as the information included therein will allow us, as merchants, jewellers, or consumers, to determine the worth of a specific gemstone. Many reputable laboratories provide gemstone certification and have their advantages and disadvantages. One such lab is the SSEEF which provides SSEF certified gemstones online.

What is gemstone certification?

The word "gem certification" refers to the process of distinguishing between synthetic and genuine gemstones, as well as their clarity. The certificate or gemstone report also aids in obtaining information on the origin, clarity, weight, dimensions, transparency, colour, and shape of the stone cut. All of these details are included in the report thanks to the use of cutting-edge gemological instruments. Many reputed and popular labs provide gemstone certification, providing you with the required information from their trained gemologist.

Why prefer SSEF certified gemstones online?

Swiss Gemological Institute is another prominent and recognised laboratory that issues lab results based on scientific findings. Though it was formed much later than the other labs, it has a recognised institute, cutting-edge equipment, and a trustworthy database to produce exact source and treatment reports. SSEF offers a wide range of clients independent expert guidance in the field of precious stone examination. Precious stone dealers, jewellers, auction houses, and private clients from many countries are among them. The SSEF lab usually studies loose cut stones, although it also tests set stones in jewellery pieces. Test reports are available in English, French, or German, with Chinese versions available as well. The important features that distinguish SSEF certified gemstones from other laboratories are:

  1. The SSEF Education division is the only university in the world that offers scientific gemology and diamond education. In the gem world, there are courses for both beginners and specialists.
  2. SSEF is the first laboratory to provide clients with the LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) technology for the Be-treatment detection of sapphires.
  3. The ASDI device (Automated Spectral Diamond Inspection) is the first industrial-scale automated approach for preventing synthetic diamond debris from entering the supply chain, according to the SSEF.
  4. GemTOF testing is introduced to gemmology by SSEF.
  5. The SSEF becomes the first gem lab in the world to provide clients radiocarbon age dating of pearls.
  6. The SSEF has made a breakthrough in successfully extracting DNA from pearls, allowing for DNA fingerprinting of pearls.

What does an SSEF certified gemstone report explain?

Diamond Grading Reports, Gemstone Reports, and Test Reports are the three types of reports recognised by the SSEF. A Diamond Grading Report is for loose natural diamonds that are colourless or almost colourless. A single loose gemstone, including coloured diamonds, receives an SSEF Gemstone Report. Natural stones are the only ones that get Gemstone Reports (no synthetic or imitation material). The most adaptable identification document is the SSEF Test Report, which is given for mounted gemstones, pearls, jewellery, quantities of gemstones, synthetic or imitation material. SSEF does not report rough stones, and the organisation reserves the right to refuse to report particular goods.

Advantages of getting gemstones certified from SSEF

If you are someone who buys gemstones online, you need to look for SSEF certified gemstones online to be sure of the quality and value of the gemstone. An SSEF certified gemstone has many advantages:

  1. It is one of the most accurate labs in the world with a long history.
  2. Also, ensure that the lab graders are neutral by ensuring that they have no interaction with the gemstone supplier and are not in a position of 'conflict of interest.'
  3. Has a respected gemological institute that requires them to stay current on novel treatments or mine sources to teach new gemologists.
  4. Colour, colour hue and saturation levels are all two-dimensional characteristics, making them more popular among merchants and customers in the colour gemstone industry.
  5. Uses the most up-to-date gemological equipment to assess a gemstone's treatment and geographic origin.

The famous Kashmir sapphire being certified by SSEF

SSEF authenticated the Star of Kashmir, a beautiful sapphire weighing 19.88 carats. For approximately 40 years, the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF has been at the forefront of gemstone origin determination. Some of the most important Kashmir sapphires have been verified by us, including the "Star of Kashmir," which will be auctioned at Christie's in Geneva in May 2013. We at the SSEF devote a significant amount of time and effort to keeping our scientific understanding of these jewels up to date, as well as researching all potential factors for determining their provenance.

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