What is the Importance of GRS certified gemstones

certified gemstones


Gemstone certification is the process of evaluating the gem against a set of quality parameters developed by the gem industry to identify the quality and other attributes of various semi-precious stones. A gemstone expert inspects or measures the minute aspects of a stone and then issues a detailed report based on the findings of the gemstone examination. A certification report is a document that is issued by a gemologist or gemstone expert. All measurements and properties of a stone verified by a certified gem specialist are included in a gemstone certification report. The demand for gemstone certification arose from numerous fraudulent gemstone dealers who preyed on customers by selling them coloured or synthetic gemstones. To prevent future deceptive practises, legitimate gemstone merchants have established an institute that will specifically research or study various in-depth elements of the stones, such as colour, shape, chemical compositions, and treatments.

Gemstone laboratories offering gemstone certification

Suppose you want to acquire a piece of jewellery, invest in a significant gemstone, or have an existing piece certified for sale. In that case, there are several respected gemstone laboratories in various nations that are worth knowing about. It's also vital to ensure that any essential jewellery you are considering buying (or selling) comes with a current certification from a credible lab. The more recent, the better because laboratory testing has advanced to where a certificate from ten years ago could easily be outdated and wrong. Many gemstone like Gubelin Certified Stones, GRS , GIA, SSEF, GAAJ, etc., have their significance and importance. But one of the most refined laboratories for coloured gemstones is GRS. If a coloured gemstone is certified by GRS, the value and trustworthiness of the gemstone increase instantly.

Gem Research Swisslab (GRS)- leading laboratories for certified gemstones

One of the most well-known labs in the colour gemstone industry, one of the first to use "trade" names to identify colour in certifications.

It is particularly well-liked in Southeast Asia and East Asia. Dr Adolf Peretti founded the lab in 1996, and all reports must be examined and signed off by him before the certificate is delivered to the gem supplier. GRS GemResearch Swisslab AG is an independent gemological research laboratory that specialises in detecting the origins of rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other key coloured gems such as spinel, tourmaline, and garnet, and producing authenticity reports for them. GRS certified gemstones online are readily available on different gemstone trading platforms. GRS certified gemstones online issue reports for individual loose gemstones, gemstone pairs, gemstone sets, and mounted jewellery such as rings, ear clips, and necklaces.

What sets GRS certified gemstones apart from other gemstone certifications?

When you visit a showroom to buy a gemstone, you would like to prefer to buy a grs certified gemstone's one, correct? Since there is no internationally accepted grading system to grade colored gemstones, and apart from certification, there is no appropriate answer on how to test the quality of a gemstone.

GRS Laboratories vows to make its findings public through articles published in specialist trade journals, GRS's exclusive publishing series "Contributions to Gemology," documentary production, and seminars held at trade exhibitions and other trade shows. Treatment detection, treatment categorization, origin determination, and colour terminology are the four main competence cornerstones of GRS.

  1. For decades, GRS Laboratories has been a prominent player in treatment detection. All GRS laboratories are fully equipped with innovative analytical instruments that are cutting-edge. Some of these instruments include ED-XRF, UV-Vis-NIR, FTIR, LIBS, Photoluminescence, Raman, with additional intra-company located confocal Raman inclusion-microscopes to identify internal gemstone inclusions and a laser ablation research facility (LA-ICP-MS) strategically located at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Switzerland.
  2. Over the last two decades, determining the origin of gemstones has become increasingly important. By combining three key elements: gemstone reference collection, compounding research experience, and cutting-edge analytical testing procedures, GRS laboratories have established themselves as a significant player in source identification. GRS has spent categorisation tone reference samples considerably from mining sites, including museum-quality high-value examples. This extensive sample bank is complemented by Dr A. Peretti's and the GRS team's over 30 years of geological and scientific research, proprietary evaluation, and professional analysis. Another component is advanced state-of-the-art quantitative testing methods. Advanced analytical testing procedures are universally considered as providing the single most conclusive data for determining origin. They are, however, only deemed convincing when used in conjunction with compounding knowledge and an extensive gemstone reference library.
  3. GRS colour terminology has genuinely gone worldwide, becoming an international standard. End-users have accepted our colour system, which is used across all platform to advertise, including prominent auction houses, laboratories, wholesale markets, and retail marketplaces. GRS was a forerunner in the field of developing a new way of describing colour words. GRS has transformed the gemstone industry in terms of colour communication in this way. The major goal has always been to establish straightforward, apparent statements free of ambiguous terminology that could lead to consumer confusion. GRS' colour grading method is based on extensive master stone sets, with colour, grade ranges assigned based on these criteria. GRS has patented these colour names.

         What is Gemstone's analysis include-

         *Gemstone Origin (such as synthetic or natural).
         *Gemstone shape, color, transparency, and cut of the stone.
         *Other important data like - measurements, weight, etc.

       Information such as gemstone origin is not easy to determine as only a few         labs have the authority to such advanced equipment.

Importance of buying GRS certified gemstones online

  1. One of the first labs to utilise trade names like "pigeon's blood" or "royal blue" to distinguish colours. This aided the trade by allowing people who didn't understand colour to trade gemstones based on the certificate. It also specifies whether the colour is 'vivid' or 'normal,' which aids in determining saturation levels—one of the main reasons this lab is so renowned with traders and end-users.
  2. The lab also provides an origin opinion, which aids merchants and end-users in determining value.
  3. To give their opinion, the lab uses the most up-to-date gemological equipment.
  4. You can use a GRS gem certificate to see if the stone is worth the gem seller's amount. It will reveal all of the minor nuances about the gemstone, allowing you to decide whether the stone is worth the price demanded by the gem vendor. Customers who want to purchase GRS-certified gemstones online should look for merchants who also offer gemstone certification.
  5. The GRS certificate will make things easier if you've ever been worried about getting a fake or comparable product. The report from the institute will show whether or not a gem has been treated. For most clients, this is critical information, and it also impacts the final price of the jewellery.
  6. One of GRS certified gemstones features is its GRS AR gemstone report, which is available for all gemstones submitted to GRS. An enlarged photo of our gem or jewellery piece will be displayed, along with a 360° video clip of the object that may be viewed by scanning a QR code. The regular GRS Gemstone Report is affixed to the interior of the GRS AR Gemstone Report. The GRS AR symbol on a GRS report denotes the presence of extra video content. The GRS AR app can be used to reveal it.


How is the GRS Certified report different from the SSEF Certified Gemstone Online Report?

An SSEF certified gemstone report is issued for a single loose gemstone, coloured stone. SSEF only issues reports for natural gemstones (no synthetic and other manmade created gemstones). It also doesn't issue reports for rough stones, SSEF reports are the most trusted documental reports and thus only issued for original gemstones, certified diamonds, pearls and jewellery.

SSEF lab works on the experience of scientific and gemmological education. This lab is equipped with the most advanced analytical tools & instruments. This strictness ensures the authenticity of gemstones, origin and possible treatments.

Recently SSEF has also introduced DNA fingerprinting for precious corals and pearls.

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 Explore more on where you can buy GRS certified gemstones online 

Things to keep in mind when you GRS Certified Gemstones Online

Source- When it comes to buying GRS Certified Gemstones Online, the source is the first thing you should know. Gemstone source is a crucial factor in determining authenticity.

Check for the colour - Colour is the next important factor to look for. Make sure, that the images you are looking at should be clear so that you get an idea of the colour and clarity of the gemstones.

The Colour of a gemstone should be as intense as possible, without any hue of other colours.

Treatments- Study a little about treatments that stones are undergone. Heat is one of the most used treatments applied to gemstones and such gemstones are less expensive than untreated gemstones.

TIP- You must always choose untreated gems when you are looking for natural gemstones or buying gems for astrological purposes.

Heat may damage the quality of gems which in turn bring negative effects.

Proper Certification - Always buy from certified sellers. Gemstones certifications are issued by established labs. This decision of buying a certified gemstone will remove most of your doubts and encourage you to invest in real gemstones only.

Keeping all of the above tips in mind will aim you to buy from trustworthy dealers only.

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What is a GRS?

GemsResearch Swisslab (GRS) is one of the most popular labs in the gemstone Industry. 

What is a GRS Certificate?

This is a report that GRS issues for gemstones, loose gemstones, gemstone pairs, gemstone sets, and jewellery such as rings, necklaces, and earrings. 

Where can I get GRS Certified Gemstones Online?

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