Tanzanite - Guide to Frequently asked questions

Tanzanite is a Blue Zoisite mineral that belongs to the Epidote family of minerals. Tiffany's, who held exclusive marketing rights to it for the first few years after its discovery, gave it its name. Its name is derived from Tanzania's only known source. After Blue Sapphire, it has become the most famous coloured stone on the market in the last half-decade. For such a young gemstone, this is quite an accomplishment. You can avail more information about this beautiful gemstone by contacting Iris Gems - color gemstone wholesaler Toronto.

Tanzanite deposits are only found in a tiny area in northern Tanzania, near the gem trading town of Arusha, in a place called Merelani. However, you can buy this lovely gemstone online on Iris Gems - color gemstone wholesaler Toronto.

It is the only gem type with a limited known supply with a well-established and ever-increasing demand. Because it is well recognised that the existing Tanzanite resource could be consumed in a few decades, it has earned the moniker "One Generation Gemstone."

Next, let's look at what you need to know about Tanzanite quality.



The 4 C's of excellence are COLOR, CLARITY, CARAT WEIGHT, and CUT in Tanzanite, as they are in Diamonds and all gemstones. These are the areas where you can assess a Tanzanite's quality.



This is by far the most significant, but also possibly the most difficult of the four C's to determine online due to various issues, not least the dependability of photos displayed on various seller's websites. Colour saturation, in a nutshell, determines the quality of colour. Consider colour saturation to be the intensity of a colour: how bright and vibrant is it?

The next challenge is to become familiar with the various colour grading systems available. As you conduct your study, you will come across various methods, ranging from the GIA system to the Tanzanite Foundation system to the IGSL system. Of course, everyone takes a different approach. When looking for stones online, having a good understanding of how these systems work will be beneficial (or in a store, for that matter). Iris Gems - a color gemstone wholesaler Toronto, is the best site to buy Tanzanite.



Tanzanite can be immaculate or have a lot of inclusions. Its clarity grade has a significant impact on its quality and value. As a result, it's critical to grasp the various terminologies used in the industry and the various inclusions that can be found in Tanzanite.

Because Tanzanite is classified as a Type 1 gemstone by the GIA, it must be flawless to be called high quality. Iris Gems- color gemstone wholesaler Toronto, sells authentic and the most beautiful Tanzanite.



While the actual shape of a Tanzanite has minimal bearing on its value, the quality of the cut is critical. In this age of catalogue websites selling large amounts of middle grades cut in cutting houses, it's an area that's typically disregarded. When cutting Tanzanites, these cutting houses usually employ various weight-saving techniques that can increase the finished weight of a Tanzanite by up to 30%. This means that the actual cost of a Tanzanite may be far higher than you think.

A Tanzanite cut too shallowly, on the other hand, will have an unsightly "window" look, reducing its beauty and value. To find more info, visit the website of IRIS GEMS.



This is the fourth and final of the four C's, and it has the most negligible impact on quality. A carat is a weight measuring unit equal to 1/5 of a gramme (as opposed to "karat", a ratio used to indicate gold purity).


The larger the Tanzanite crystal in a given quality category, the rarer it is. This is because larger crystals took longer to grow, which is impressive given that Tanzanite can take over 500 million years to produce! Within quality brackets, carat weight becomes crucial. Of course, a 3 carat striking, investment-grade colour with maximum clarity will always be far more rare and precious than a 10 carat B grade colour with inclusions. You can avail more information about the Carat weight of Tanzanite on Iris gems- color gemstone wholesaler Toronto.



Due to its trichroic nature, Tanzanite is highly light-sensitive. This means that a Tanzanite inside under incandescent (yellowish) light can appear very different from outside in daylight. As a result, gemologists use a grading standard to ensure that they compare Tanzanites properly when grading them. The North Daylight Equivalent, roughly 5,500 kelvins, is the grading standard for all coloured stones and diamonds.

Trichroism affects how Tanzanite appears under various light sources and lighting conditions and is responsible for the stone's well-known "red flash effect."



The value of Tanzanite varies depending on the quality range, with the rarest grades commanding higher prices than the middle and lower grades.

Colour is the most critical factor in determining price, with darker colours commanding higher prices. However, clarity is also essential, and the closer a Tanzanite is too flawless, the more valuable it is. To explore the price range of Tanzanite, - you can contact Iris Gems - color gemstone wholesaler toronto.


So, what is the value of Tanzanite?

The value of a Tanzanite is mainly determined by its quality. The 4C's are used to assess the quality of all gemstones. Premium rates are paid for the finest strongly saturated colours that are flawless, whereas pale stones or included (lower clarity) stones are sold considerably less.

Due to differences in quality, prices can range from less than $50 per carat to more than $800 per carat. For more information contact Iris Gems - color gemstone wholesaler toronto.


Is Tanzanite Expensive Compared to Diamonds?

Even though Tanzanite is rarer than Diamond, it is much less expensive. When you consider that a fine 5 carat Diamond can cost upwards of $95,000 per carat, whereas a very fine 5-carat Tanzanite will cost between $780 and $1,300 (depending on where you buy), you can see the disparity. Unlike the diamond industry, the Tanzanite market is solely driven by supply and demand. The diamond market is dominated by a small number of significant firms who control the collection and, consequently, the price.



This is a question we are frequently asked. However, when it comes to Tanzanite, many people are unsure about the role of heating and whether it serves the same purpose as it does in gemstones like Sapphire, where heating is utilised to enhance lower-grade stones.



One of the most common worries when acquiring Tanzanite is whether or not what is being sold is authentic. It is critical to gain a fundamental awareness of the market's pitfalls in this regard. While Tanzanite has never been synthesised (produced in a lab), there are a variety of imitations and treatments, such as coatings, on the market that every Tanzanite buyer should be aware of.

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