Loose semi-precious stones for sale - when, why and how to buy?

loose semi-precious stones for sale


loose semi-precious stones for salePerhaps you wish to have some jewellery produced for yourself or someone dear to you as a special present. In such a scenario, you'll be purchasing loose gemstones. Cut and polished precious and semi-precious gemstones that have not been mounted or fastened into jewellery are loose. It's just a bunch of loose stones. Genuine, original, precious and semi-precious loose gemstones should be used instead of synthetics created in laboratories.

Artificial gemstones, sometimes known as synthetic gemstones, are commonly seen in low-cost jewellery. So, if you're seeking to purchase gemstones, we're guessing you're looking for a real loose semi-precious stone for sale. Precious and semi-precious stones are most commonly purchased through an online gem supplier, a gem and jewellery trade show, a gemstone wholesaler, or a retail jeweller.

You can purchase gemstones from any of these parties if you operate a jewellery store or manufacture your jewellery. If the online shop is good, they will offer a vast selection of loose semi-precious stones for sale for you to pick from, including a wide range of different gemstone kinds in a variety of shapes and cutting techniques, as well as a wide range of sizes and gorgeous hues available in various carat weights.

Why buy loose semi-precious stones for sale?

There are many reasons to purchase loose gemstones, as there are gem aficionados, but the most important one is variety. When you find a stone you adore, the next step is to find the perfect piece of jewellery to display it in. For example, you may desire a pendant explicitly made for you. When you buy loose gemstones, you have the option of selecting the ideal setting for each stone.

You can also discover excellent prices on loose gemstones, which are much less expensive to make than mounted or designer jewellery. Perhaps you just have ideas for producing your jewellery or have begun a new jewellery-making endeavour, either as a company or as a pastime.

How to buy loose semi-precious stones for sale?

The first step is to educate yourself about gemstones and all that surrounds them; this will assist in alleviating any concerns you may have about purchasing loose stones. Acquiring a completed piece of jewellery in a store is considerably different from purchasing loose gemstones.

Buying loose gemstones will become simple and enjoyable once you grasp the language and understand how to evaluate other jewels. There are numerous aspects to consider while acquiring gemstones. The Four C's are Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color, and they are known as the Four C's.

  • Gemstone, The weight of a gemstone, is measured in carats. Carats are sometimes expressed in terms of points; for example, a gem weighing one carat equals 100 points. Varying stones have different densities, which has an impact on the size per carat. A ruby, for example, is denser than an emerald; thus, they can both be one carat, but the emerald will be physically more giant.
  • The term "gemstone cut" is sometimes mistaken with "gemstone form." A gemstone's form might be rectangular, square, pear, or other. The cut, on the other hand, refers to how the stone is cut into facets. A stone's faceting gives it depth, alters how it catches and reflects light, and gives it a gleaming appearance. Brilliant, step, radiant, mixed, princess, and cabochon are the most common cuts. There are also branded cuts, such as the Royal Asscher cut.
  • The amount of defects, sometimes known as inclusions, within a gemstone determines its clarity. These are graded according to how visible they are, whether you require magnification of different degrees up to naked eye visibility. The fewer inclusions in a stone, the closer it is to perfection, and hence the higher the price.
  • The colour of a gemstone, as the name implies, varies greatly depending on the gem species. There are also improved jewels to be found. A wide range of treatments can be applied to a gemstone before being offered on the market as enhanced stones. Heat treatments, dyes, oils or resin infusions, surface treatments and coatings, and laser treatments are all examples of colour treatments.
loose semi-precious stones for sale

Things to consider before buying loose semi-precious stones for sale

Things to keep in mind while purchasing loose gemstones:

  1. Any gemstone that is entirely made by nature is referred to as a "natural gem." Except for routine cutting and polishing, it hasn't been tampered with by humans in any manner. On the other hand, a treated gem is any gemstone that humans have changed in any way other than cutting and polishing. A synthetic gem' is identical to a natural gem, except that people created it. A natural, treated stone is not the same as a fake stone, as some people believe. It's still a natural stone that's been treated after being extracted from the ground.
  2. Some of the most common treatments for gemstones are heat-treated rubies and sapphires, oiled emeralds, and stabilised turquoise. Because each stone species is distinct and responds differently to different treatments, different treatments are used for different enjoyable and straightforward stones. In the gem trade, heat-treated rubies and sapphires are permitted as long as they are appropriately stated as such at the moment of sale.
  3. Gemstones that have been treated are and should be less costly than their untreated counterparts. So, for example, when two similar blue sapphires are compared: both equally good blue colour, both equally clean on the inside of the stone (i.e. few inclusions), and both equally well cut, the one that has been heat-treated to achieve this good colour and clarity will be less expensive than the other stone that came out of the earth already in this amazing blue and with this good clarity.
  4. A treatment like this can let you get a stone like an excellent grade ruby or blue sapphire that would otherwise be out of your price range. A low-grade stone raised to a very high grade thanks to this long-lasting treatment becomes highly intriguing. This is why, compared to untreated stones, which are already exceedingly expensive, they might be fairly priced after treatment. Because gem dealers are closer in the chain to the cutters, treaters, and wholesalers, they typically know whether their loose stones have been treated or not. They might have even done the therapy themselves. Whether you're purchasing gemstone jewellery from a jeweller or loose gemstones from a gem dealer, you should keep these factors in mind.

Where to buy loose semi-precious stones for sale?

IrisGems has the ideal loose stone for your collection. We're certain that our large collection of loose gemstones will have what you're searching for, with hundreds of hues, shapes, and diameters to pick from. Sort through gorgeous and reasonably priced loose gemstones by brand, carat weight, and other factors.

Ruby, diamond, emerald, and sapphire are precious gemstones divided into semi-precious and precious categories. Everything else is semi-precious gemstones. Rarity, clarity, stone beauty, demand, and faults determine the price and value of loose gemstones. While there is no uniform standard for evaluating a gemstone's worth, the four Cs (clarity, cut, colour, and carats) are utilised to assist consumers in making informed selections.

Browse our vast selection of loose gemstones, which includes anything from morganite to mystic topaz to sapphire. Choose from a variety of shapes and hues to customise your loose gemstones just as you want them! Here at IrisGems, you may add to your existing gemstone collection or start one from scratch.


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1. Swiss Blue Topaz - Blue Stones are the most affordable gemstones and are the perfect collection for loose semi-precious stones. These natural swiss blue topaz stones are extremely valuable, rare. Most market trends and consumer buying behaviour indicate that swiss blue topaz is the most required gem over the other variety.

2. Opal Gemstone- It's the most sought gemstone after tanzanite & sapphire. Buy Opal Stone Online from Iris Gems. Apart from clear white, it also comes in different colours such as grey, red, orange, olive, brown and black. 

The black opals are the rarest stones, whereas greens and white are the most common. 

3. Pink Tourmaline- Pink and red tourmaline are the most popular and frequently purchased gems. Except for Tourmaline no other gems offer as many choices as pink tourmaline does. 

Its price and value vary according to quality, choices of colours and distinctiveness.

4.Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphires are the most sought after as they carry significant meaning and beautiful shades of blue hue. 

Buy your all-time favourite blue sapphire gemstone from a reputed dealer. Click here to explore our blue sapphires loose semi-precious stones for sale collection. 

5.Tanzanite- This semi-precious gemstone occurs in a range of colours that appeal to almost any buyer. 

Purple bluish, violetish blue and a strong, vivid blue colour are the most valuable colours of tanzanite. 

6. Amethyst - This Crystalline stone colour ranges from pale lilac to deep reddish-purple. Amethyst is a face table jewellery gemstone for all purposes. 

Iris Gems offer original amethyst recognized by GIA laboratories to ensure a quality purchase.

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How to identify a stone is semi-precious?
The only way to identify whether a stone is semi-precious or not is - check for colour- colour is the most obvious way to identify semi-precious stones authenticity.

What are the general properties of semi-precious stones?
semi-precious gemstones are opaque, microcrystalline varieties of quartz with large, grainy crystals and mustard.

Each stone beholds a myriad of properties, some semi-precious jewels are known to cleanse, some are known to purify negative energy and some are known to heal emotionally.

What properties do different gemstones have?
Gems or jewels shows refractive index, dispersion, specific gravity, hardness. They sometimes may exhibit pleochroism or double refraction.