Diamond Certification: 3 Reasons You Want GIA

Diamond Certification


Diamond CertificationYou'll want to double-check the quality of that once-in-a-lifetime engagement ring, bracelet, or necklace before buying it from your neighborhood jewelers. Unfortunately, the diamond industry is rife with exaggerated grading. This also applies to some diamond grading laboratories, which can be 1-5 grades off on colour and clarity characteristics. When it comes to diamond grading laboratories, there is only one that matters in the jewellery industry.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America), or GIA for short, is that laboratory. Most of the techniques used today to evaluate the 4 C's of diamonds were created by GIA, and their grading procedure is impartial. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) are the most well-known and trusted diamond grading laboratories in the world (European Gemological Laboratory).

Most well-known jewellers across the globe trust these grading laboratories. A buyer can be confident in the quality and worth of a diamond if it has a certificate from the GIA or EGL.

Importance of diamond certification

A diamond certificate is a comprehensive document that describes a diamond's distinct features and attributes. A customer will be unable to identify the grade and worth of a diamond without the assistance of a diamond certificate from an independent diamond grading laboratory. As a result, you must have a diamond certificate from the jeweller. Reputable diamond traders like IrisGems will supply you with a diamond certificate right away to provide you peace of mind.

Be wary of jewellers that cannot produce the diamond's certificate at the time of purchase and instead offer to mail it to you without first viewing or validating the certificate. A diamond certificate is also necessary for both resale and insurance purposes. Diamond certification will also serve as evidence of the diamond's worth and characteristics.

As a result, the customer's responsibility is to ensure that the diamond's grading matches the gemstone's description on the invoice. It's also critical to ensure that you comprehend all factors included in the diamond certified by the laboratories.

  • Diamond certification is significant because they provide objective assessments of diamond quality. However, the grading of various jewellers and appraisers differs dramatically. Gem laboratories, on the other hand, use standardised diamond grading methods. To put it another way, jewellers' and appraisers' reports lack the accuracy and reliability of diamond certificates.
  • Jewellers and appraisers do not have access to the testing equipment that gem laboratories have. While most appraisers have standard equipment, they cannot usually test for lab-created diamonds or diamond treatments. As a result, a diamond certification verifies that the stone you're purchasing is natural rather than lab-created.
  • Diamond certification also aids in the comparison of diamonds by buyers and sellers. As a result, the diamond certificate you select must be reliable. It is the responsibility of a diamond specialist to understand the "ins and outs" of diamond quality. Most diamond purchasers, on the other hand, are unfamiliar with diamond grading. As a result, diamond certifications are used by consumers for fairness and equality.

3 reasons why GIA diamond certification is important

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the most well-known and well-respected diamond grading organisation globally. They are extremely reliable and offer the best level of assurance when acquiring a diamond. The GIA has no financial interest in the diamond's sale and assesses it on a range of characteristics and components like Diamond’s evaluation date, Measurements (in millimetres), Cutting style and diamond shape, 

Carat weight,Table %, Depth %, Culet size, Symmetry, Proportion diagram, Polish grade, etc. 

Colour and Clarity, which are the most subjective criteria, are assessed more strictly by GIA. We recommend only buying diamonds with a GIA or AGS certificate because of GIA's excellent reputation, demonstrated consistency, and history.

Top 3 reasons why one should prefer diamonds with GIA certification include

  1. You want to receive the value for your money. And you'd like to know what you've got! The GIA is the most stringent diamond certifying agency in the world. As a result, there is no doubt that the diamond grade on your certificate accurately represents the quality of your stone. There will be no hedging and hawing. It will no longer be necessary to argue that "it's just as excellent as." When you choose a diamond with a GIA certificate, you get independent, unbiased evidence of its quality from the standard gold lab.
  2. Your insurer will recognise and trust GIA when it comes time to insure your ring. As a result, in the event of loss or theft, you will be compensated to the full extent of the law. In addition, if you wish to sell your diamond, GIA certification is the most sought-after diamond certification, assuring you obtain the greatest price.
  3. A GIA diamond certification is widely regarded as the gold standard. As a result, this ring is one of the most significant purchases you will ever make. Choosing a GIA-certified diamond guarantees that your spouse (and her insurance!) understands precisely what she's wearing. A GIA certificate also provides unquestionable confirmation of the quality of your diamond if you want to upgrade or pass it along to a loved one.

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Diamond certification is required for each diamond purchase since it validates and defines what you are purchasing. There's no way to tell if the diamond you're buying is what the seller claims without a certificate from a reputable lab. In addition, the cut quality, colour grade, carat weight, and other qualities are listed on a diamond certificate. Therefore, it’s critical to document what you're buying, especially with a significant purchase like a diamond.