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Are you looking to order custom-crafted gems from the best lapidarists on the planet! Well, look no more, you've come to the right place. We've found you the best key custom cut gem suppliers in the USA!

But first, let us learn more about The Art of Cutting Gemstones.

A lapidary is a craftsperson who turns rough gem material into beautiful gemstones or ornaments. They must know the rough's crystallography, which directions produce the best color, and any inherent structural flaws that could cause the Stone to break during fashioning. Fundamentally, they are attempting to obtain the highest yield from the rough material, which can necessitate a trade-off between cut quality and final stone weight. It's a fine art to strike a balance between all of these (often opposing) characteristics.

Now, explicitly cutting the gemstone in order to fulfill the customer's request is known as custom cutting of the gemstone. Each custom-cut gem will be given a unique facet design for that specific piece of material, chosen to bring out the Stone's potential beauty. A gem like this can truly be described as such.

The custom procedure necessitates a significant amount of time and effort. Custom-cut gemstones are not compatible with the mass-production processes required by retail outlets. Time is money for commercial jewelers. This is why you won't find these gems in any chain jewelry stores. This is also why these gems are so expensive. They're very rare, and they're worth a lot more in the short and long term.

Why Custom Gem Cutting Makes a Difference - Iris Gems Custom Cut Gems Supplier 

In the gemstone Industry, custom cut gems are appraised higher than commercial cut gems or factory cut gems. 

Suppose you have got confused or seeking the significant difference between these. Let's quickly understand the essential differences.

1. Optical Performance

Custom cut gemstones are cut with care and polished so that light can't escape through the bottom of the stones, and it only bounces around inside and then back up through the top; it also often happens due to refraction. 

2. Polish 

Secondly, custom cut gems are highly polished, and this greatly benefits the gem's brilliance. 

3. Meets

Custom cut gemstones facets are composed in such a way that each of the facets touches each other which makes these gemstones more attractive and enhances their beauty. 

4.Cutting for Weight?

Commercial cut gems are cut for weight. Commercial cutters do this to make a bigger belly in the pavilion. As a result, this yield a heavier stone. In comparison, custom cut gems are not. 

Iris Gems is a leading custom cut gems supplier in the US, our customers are our inspiration for our decent collections. Click here to explore our custom cut gemstones collection. 

Here are some of the top custom cut gem suppliers in the USA

Iris Gems

Since 1985, Iris Gems has been a family-owned company in Toronto, offering the best authentic custom-cut gemstones. Their company culture encourages innovation making them one of the top custom cut gem suppliers in the USA. The business is very experimental with their gemstones, and they've come up with a few different cuts. Their proprietary cuts have earned numerous awards and are extremely common with customers. They thrive on their relentless need for creativity, and as a result, they have been at the forefront of many industry advancements, hence the status of the best custom cut gem suppliers in the USA. 

They offer the most fine and authentic custom-crafted gems from the best lapidarist's around the globe. Iris Gems is a leading custom-cut gemstone supplier in the United States, carrying the largest collection of custom-cut gemstones as well as Precious Stones, Semi-Precious Stones, Pairs & Suites. They are available in a wide range of sizes, cuts, textures, shades, hues, and saturation. Iris Gems has a 30-day refund policy for all customers. They understand how important it is to have a wide selection of gemstones to choose from for their customers. In their king-sized set, you'll find some hidden gems. Over the years, they've accumulated an unrivaled collection of rare, unique, untreated, and certified (Gubelin, SSEF, AGL, GRS, GIA) gemstones, making them one of the country's largest stone suppliers. Iris is capable of handling large custom orders. They have always delighted their customers by shipping gemstones for their jewelry on time and in excellent condition. They have in-house cutting and gemologists in Asia to ensure consistency. They have the cutting machines and skilled personnel to cut to a precision of 1/10th of a degree, providing good quality. Single gemstones, matched sets, and parcels are all used in their work. They're also capable of doing large-scale custom-cutting work. They have a steady supply and consistently deliver on time. Their gemstones are carefully weighed, have precise facets, and are easy to set in jewelry. Gubelin, SSEF, GRS, GIA, and AGL certifications are eligible.

The process for ordering custom-cut gemstones is pretty simple.

You can easily find the option under the custom cut gems section

Just enter the following information in the "message" box of the contact form, and then we will respond

  • Your desired Stone 
  • cut
  • Carat weight
  • Sizes
  • Budget and Quality
  • Any Additional Information

And voila! you are done.

Precision Gem Stones

Hand-picked gemstones of the highest quality, cut in the United States, can be found here. Each piece of rough is hand-selected, and each gem is hand-cut by the maker making them one of the most custom cut gem suppliers in the USA. There are loose gems in both traditional and concave cuts available. Check the website often because new stones are added every week as they are cut.

J.L White fine gemstones

J.L. White Fine Gemstones' gems can be found in gem sets, engagement rings, and other fine jewelry collections worldwide. The company offers some fine-quality custom gems in the USA. They're in this business because they're enthusiastic about bringing out the best in every colored gemstone they work with, and they enjoy collaborating with like-minded people, hence they are one the leading custom cut gem suppliers in the USA.

Clear Cut Gems

Clear Cut Gems is a Florida-based custom gemstone cutting operation. To ensure optimum brilliance and value, all gems are precision cut to exacting standards by gem cutter Lloyd Forrester. Clear Cut Gems goes to great lengths to source rough gems from only ethical sources.

Poorly cut native and commercial stones with wrong, misaligned angles, bad designs, and poor polishing abound in the gem industry. Hence it is essential to find the right custom cut gem suppliers in the USA.

Some FAQ's

What does a mixed custom cut gemstone look like?

A mixed-cut stone is a mixture of different faceting styles, ranging from the square, oval, round cut. 

This type of cut can be customized with plain-cut, such as a buff-top cut gemstone. 

What is a custom cut gemstone?

A custom cut gemstone is a gemstone that is cut to give shape and designs to a gem. 

Customers can get cuts in gemstones as per their choice. Gemstones are cut based on their limitations and size. 

To buy your choice custom cut gems visit us 

Iris Gems is one of the prefered and customers first choices when it comes to buying custom cut gemstones from custom cut gems supplier

Question: Why do people prefer to buy gemstones from custom cut gems supplier?

Answer: Buying a customized gemstone provide customers with the option to customize their unique cut. 

At Iris Gems, we provide our customers with a wide variety of beautiful colours, shapes and cuts. We understand our customer's unique choices.

Question-How much does it cost to have a gemstone cut?

Answer- Customizing the gems as per your choice costs high. However, you can opt for overseas cutting, which is a best alternative for average-sized sapphires and other precious and semi-precious gemstones.

With quantity price breaks, and you can get your cost down. Iris Gems deals in wholesale gems and jewellery is also custom cut gems supplier. You can place your order directly through our Shopify store -

 Question- How to find the best custom cut gems supplier?

The best custom cut gems supplier has been in this business for years- as such supplier will provide you with the best designs of custom cut gems.