Buy Agl Certified Sapphire Online

Agl Certified Sapphire Online

The gemstone blue sapphire has held significant meaning for many centuries. For several centuries these stones have been associated with royalty. You can buy Agl Certified Sapphire online at Iris Gems

In many places, the sapphire blue colour is regarded as an indicator of energy and healing. They are an example of order, most likely because of their historical ties to various royal families all over the world and over time.

Meaning and properties

Blue gems have been interpreted for thousands of years as symbols of psychic awareness, inner vision, and mental focus. The theory of Chakra dictates that the sapphires have healing properties and help the third eye to gain insight. It also opens the throat chakra, helping avoid misunderstandings and conflict. Get Agl Certified Sapphire online at renowned Iris Gems. 

People believe the sapphire blue colour is tied to prophecy and Divine favour, making it a heavenly colour. The jewel has a long religious and mythological history spread around the world. Sapphires in the blue colour represented the height of faith and hope for people in ancient and mediaeval times. According to beliefs, they were believed to possess qualities such as protection, spiritual insight, and good fortune. You can get your own Agl Certified Sapphire online through Iris Gems. 

These precious stones remain in this day and age a powerful symbol of strength, power, kindness and good judgement.


The deep, mystifying colours of the blue sapphires have represented numerous meanings during the course of history.

Agl Certified Sapphire Online

People have long believed that these stones can help free their bearers from any type of confusion, mental stress, depression, and unwanted thoughts. A practice symbolises the balance of one's mind, body, and spirit, as well as a means to attain peace of mind and an increase in serenity. You can now purchase Agl Certified Sapphire online through sites like Iris Gems. 

Since the time of historical records, sapphires have been associated with repentance, chastity, and piety. As a symbol of justice, they have shown how important it is to be sincere.

What contributes to the blue colour of sapphire?

Some gemstone authorities claim that blue is the most common colour for this stone, but this isn't necessarily true of all sapphires. Color is derived from the iron and titanium percentages when the stone was formed. Agl Certified Sapphire online can be found at Iris Gems, with excellent quality and AAA grade. 

If more iron and titanium are present, the stone will deepen in colour. There are several different shades of sapphire blue, including Kashmir blue, cornflower blue, and light blue.

When other elements such as chromium are present, the sapphire may have an orange or red hue. Pink, yellow, green, and purple are other rare sapphire hues. Agl Certified Sapphire online are available at various sites like Iris Gems. 

Love and devotion are conveyed through sapphire blue stones, too. The gems represent faith, hope, and joy in their significant others, and guard the purity of their thoughts.

In actuality, the gemstone named ‘sapphire blue' got its name because of the colour, rather than the other way around.

The Latin saphirus and the Greek sapheiros meaning "blue."

Since ancient times, sapphires have been highly valued gemstones. They believe that the sky was painted blue because of sapphire blue stones that reflect the sky's colour. According to a poet, “the blue of a clear sky just minutes after sundown” is known as a “gemstone”.

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Anniversaries and Sapphires

Gemstones are used for celebrating anniversaries by the year on which the wedding took place. Also, there are two lists: the so-called “modern” list and the so-called “traditional” list. The “modern” list consists of gifts made from different materials, fabrics, or jewels and gemstones, while the “traditional” list comprises gifts made from similar materials, fabrics, or jewels and gemstones.

Agl Certified Sapphire Online

For a 45th wedding anniversary, a sapphire is a perfect gift. You can now get Agl Certified Sapphire online for your loved ones at Iris Gems. 

Sapphires have long been associated with innocence, longevity, and as a safeguard against ill health. All of which are wonderful gifts to bestow on a couple who has been married for 45 years: good fortune, beauty, and inner peace.

A large number of people believe that the depth of sapphire blue is a demonstration of the longevity of a marriage when it's been in place for over four and a half decades. The sapphire is highly regarded by royalty, making it an excellent gemstone to mark an important wedding milestone.

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AGL Certification

AGL is a pioneer of the coloured gemstone industry and was the first gemology laboratory in the United States to report on the country of origin. In addition, they were the first in the world to clearly and comparatively quantify coloured stone quality. AGL has extensive experience in consumer protection programmes in addition to their leadership in gemstone documentation. AGL has pioneered gemological understanding and procedures to address challenges facing the gemstone and jewellery industry. 

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