Cutting Gemstones: Why custom cut gemstones are so much in vogue

A gemstone is a naturally occurring substance cut and polished and used to create jewellery or other adornments. However, the bulk of valuable stones or gems are minerals that originated in the Earth's interior; nonetheless, some rocks (lapis lazuli) and biological material (amber, pearls, and coral) are also called jewels. Rarity, beauty (gloss), acceptability, and durability are essential criteria that define a mineral crystal, rock, or biological substance as a gemstone.

A gemmologist is a trained person who recognises and describes gems based on their properties, such as pleochroism, refractive index, dispersion, specific gravity, hardness, cleavage, fracture, and lustre.

The need for custom cut gemstones is a result of supply and demand. Today, the gemstone business will often cut (supply) stones in a specific style for one of two reasons: to maximise their value or because it is a popular or calibrated size to fit most types of jewellery.

Gems and diamonds have long been seen as symbols of love, prestige, power, wealth, and glory worldwide. In addition, some valuable stones, such as diamonds, sapphires (blue, white, and yellow), emeralds, and rubies, have captivated royalty and commoners and left their imprint on history.

Why are custom cut gemstones needed?

There are multiple uses of custom cut gemstones that puts them in high demand. Some of the most common benefits are described below!

Why custom cut gemstones are so much in vogue

Custom cut gemstones are used for spiritual practices

Specific individuals in their spiritual activities use gems. They use gems in ceremonies to heal energy fields, find serenity and spread love and safety. Practitioners of some belief systems place gemstones on specific parts of the body to facilitate healing. However, for most people, merely wearing a piece of jewellery set with a certain stone is sufficient. The gem doesn't need to come into close touch with your skin. The majority of gems are pretty safe to wear as jewellery stones. (Of course, some last longer than others.)


However, a few gems, such as realgar and ekanite, may contain heavy metals and radioactive elements in levels that might be harmful if worn. Close, sustained exposure to such jewels would almost certainly exceed any health advantages you may hope to obtain. In addition, some crystal healers use gems to make potions or to insert jewels in the patient's mouth. In these situations, avoid any acid-soluble jewels, even if they don't contain any known hazardous compounds. The contaminants in these stones may cause your stomach acids to react adversely.

Custom cut gemstones are a must for electronics

When it comes to technological applications of natural resources, nothing beats diamonds. Quartz is a required component in every chip manufactured on the planet, regardless of its purpose. This is because it has high conductivity and efficiency. Engineers are also experimenting with diamonds to create very dense memory space to reduce the size of computers and electrical circuits.

Custom cut gemstones are a must for electronics


Custom cut gemstones pamper your beauty

For thousands of years, jewels have been utilised to enhance the attractiveness of people, regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, or culture. Even humanity has a history of crafting fairy tales around diamonds such as Kohinoor. Today, every female is seen wearing at least one or more precious metal jewels. But, unfortunately, in the past ages of humanity, we did not have many resources and technological breakthroughs. Thus the ordinary man could not access them.

Custom cut gemstones can cut rock

Custom cut gemstones, when used appropriately, can sever the most rigid substance into bits. Diamonds, garnet, and sapphire are among the stones. Diamond is used to making drilling bits for the petroleum sector, mining equipment, and glass cutting tools, whereas garnet is utilised in water jets to cut extensive material; in fact, a water jet can cut a 5-meter thick sheet of steel, which is astonishing and unachievable without the usage of garnet dust.