5 reasons behind why your wedding ring deserves a high-quality sapphire

Of late, there has been progressing towards colour and bolder decisions concerning jewellery. For example, an expanding number of couples currently pick coloured gemstones instead of a customary precious stone wedding band. Furthermore, high-quality sapphire has become one of the go-to choices. 

This frenzy of buying high-quality sapphires has been helped by famous people wearing sapphire wedding bands, most eminently Kate Middleton. When William proposed to Kate with his late mother's lovely 12-carat blue Ceylonese high-quality sapphire, they set the trend and caused the deals of sapphire wedding bands to spike! So it's not difficult to understand any reason why sapphires are in demand. 

A sapphire wedding band is eye-catching and unique. While most colourless precious stones, such as diamonds, seem identical, no two sapphires are very similar. With an ever-increasing number of brides picking this popular regal gemstone, the following are five justifications for why choosing a high-quality sapphire wedding band is an extraordinary decision.

1. You are not restricted to colours

Think sapphire, and the vast majority think 'blue'. However, did you realize that sapphires arrive in various colours, ranging from black to white and nearly everything in every colour in the middle? 

The facts confirm that blue sapphire is the most well known and obviously, because of demand, one of the essential assortments of sapphire. In any case, if you burrow underneath the blue, you'll see that variety, for example, the beautiful padparadscha sapphire that is more significant and more extraordinary. The hot pink and high-quality yellow sapphire are perfect shades, while white sapphire makes for a colourless precious stone option. 

sapphire colours

The prominent colour you can't find in sapphire is red, and that is because red sapphire has its name - ruby. So while picking your sapphire tone, think about a shade to go with your style, character and complexion.

2. It will make life's knocks with you

We as a whole realize that a wedding band should be sturdy. The majority of us intend to wear it consistently for the remainder of our lives, and doing this opens the stone to the thumps and shocks of everyday existence. 

While the vast majority realize that diamonds are the most hardest precious stone (with a ten positioning on the Mohs scale), relatively few realize that high-quality sapphires are amazingly solid and exceptionally tough (with a nine positioning on the Mohs scale). So if you plan to buy sapphires, it is sure that they don't break easily, chip or damage, and effectively withstand heat, chemicals and light. 

This makes it perfect for everyday wear and a wide range of ways of life. A sapphire is, to be sure, for eternity.

3. An affordable alternative

Sapphires are not as costly as some other stones and are a substantially more reasonable choice than diamonds. However, recall that in the jewellery world, affordable is a relative term. 

The cost of a sapphire relies upon its origin and variety. Fine blue diamonds consistently command the most exorbitant prices, just as the world's most extraordinary variety of sapphire, the padparadscha. However, sapphires are frequently even more reasonable than precious stones like diamonds. 

sapphire gemstone


This is predominantly because of how their industries work. The diamond business is monopolized and turns to advertise strategies like a false shortage to keep the costs high. The sapphire business, then again, has never been monopolized, with the gemstones being competitively priced.

4. A solid investment

As demand increases, so do the value. Because of the flood in ubiquity over the previous decade, sapphires are expanding in regard. Since sapphires are, indeed, a lot more uncommon than precious stones, this unexpected interest has made costs increment. 

Sapphires are currently being remembered for driving sales throughout the planet alongside diamonds. In one case, Bonhams noticed a sapphire that was sold at 2200% times its cost! 

Exploration has shown that high-quality sapphires have surpassed precious stones when it comes to growth in value. So presently, sapphires are delightful as well as an excellent investment.

5. An ethical choice

There are many issues identified with clashes; oppressive industry practices, environmental destruction and trafficking, to give some examples. However, since an ever-increasing number of individuals know about these issues and care about them, ethical sourcing is turning into a primary factor in the jewellery business. 

To this point, sapphires are a substantially more ethical decision than diamonds. This is because of various reasons:


Most sapphires are mined in Sri Lanka, Australia, Madagascar and Thailand. As a result, mining conditions in the vast majority of these nations are, by and large, protected. 


It is simpler to follow a sapphire back to its mine of origin than it is intended for a diamond. Most sapphires come from little mines, run by families or nearby groups and not enormous, modern mines. So when you buy a high-quality sapphire, you know where it came from and all things considered, your purchase will help that nearby local area.

Choosing the perfect ring setting

If you decide on a sapphire wedding band, you need to pick your ring setting to coordinate with your stone. Blue sapphires are typically combined with little colourless diamonds and are particularly shocking in corona white metals and three-stone settings. Sapphires aren't extremely splendid stones; however, they will glam up and sparkle in general when paired with diamonds. 

Sapphire Gemstone

Blue sapphire wedding bands are generally set in white gold or platinum. However, for a refined vintage look, mount in yellow or rose gold. The differentiation in colours will make the sapphire stick out and be more observable. Note that these colour mixes may not suit each outfit you wear.