The Top 13 Custom-cut Ruby Jewellery For Your Wedding Functions

Ruby and Diamond White Gold Necklace


When you go shopping for a wedding function, jewellery is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your purchases. After all, a wedding function naturally calls for a woman to put her best foot forward in terms of dressing up, and jewellery is one of the most crucial elements of the wear that one simply cannot miss out on. And be it light jewellery or more notable wear, ruby is one of the most sought-after gemstones. To be more precise, custom-cut ruby jewellery has cemented a legacy for itself in being a premier choice for wedding functions.


Custom-cut ruby jewellery is noted for its unique designs and exceptional intricacies, both of which are scarce in commercial factory-cut gemstones. Ruby is among the leading gemstones on a global level, along with diamond, emerald, and sapphire. With various shades of red in all their glory, ruby fits into most jewellery flawlessly and is particularly noted for being a seamless fit to gold.


This write-up will explore the best custom-cut ruby jewellery that you can proudly don at your wedding and turn heads! You can bet on the fact that the jewellery in this list is some of the most beautiful and brilliant ruby jewellery you can find. But before we get into the list, let us show you the top three tips that you should be acquainted with when you go shopping for ruby jewellery.


Choose the gem you resonate with

Natural Certified Ruby Wholesaler

When you visit a reputed certified jewellery store like Iris Gems, you can rest assured of high quality. As such, you will come across various custom-cut ruby jewellery, all of which bear the promise of being the finest jewellery that you can come across! So when you are shopping for the best ruby jewellery for your wedding functions, just go with the one that resonates with you and your preferences. We guarantee you the best variety of custom-cut ruby jewellery for you to choose from!


We understand that it is difficult to determine the quality of a jewel from pictures alone. As such, you can work with our expert custom jeweller to choose the perfect wedding function jewellery for yourself.

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Inclusions are natural in a ruby.

 Natural Ruby

The odds of coming across a flawless ruby are extremely rare. Furthermore, a ruby without any flaws or inclusions to the naked eye would be really expensive. But wait! Thankfully, inclusions are a common trait for coloured gemstones like ruby, sapphire, or emerald.


Inclusions, in fact, add a sense of uniqueness and beauty to the gemstone in question, and they are extremely valuable. So you don't have to frown if your ruby has some inclusions within it. They make it all the more special!


Read more about the quality and value of Ruby here


With all these pointers about rubies being clear (pun intended), let us now delve into the best custom-cut ruby jewellery that you can rock at your wedding functions.




1. Fine diamond set with statement rubies

Ruby & Diamond Necklace Certified 

Uncut diamond jewellery has a reputation of inherently complementing any coloured gemstone, be it ruby, emerald, or sapphire. In particular, uncut diamonds are excellent for helping rubies stand out in all their glory. A beautiful way to customize such a necklace would be to have ruby as a centrepiece and have diamond accents around it. This would involve intricate work and end up as an amazing piece that you simply can't take your eyes off!


2. White Gold necklace set with Diamonds and Rubies

 White Gold Diamond & Rubies

You can never go wrong with a classic gold necklace! This beautiful custom set features a stunning base gold necklace that is adorned with uncut diamonds and strings of rubies. Accordingly, this will give the necklace a modern look with a wonderfully traditional undertone to ensure that the spotlight shines on you. The beauty of uncut diamonds is that it brings a sense of uniformity across the necklace while also letting the rubies get a prominent role as the showstopper.


3. Gold and Ruby necklace set

 Ruby & Diamond Necklace and Bracelet Set

We all know that gold and red are a match made in heaven. This piece features a heavy ruby set with an all-out golden background, letting you pull it off with utmost class and grace. The combination doesn't make noise and yet commands attention and wonder. Moreover, it is worth noting that the arrangement is aesthetically flexible enough to go in sync with the attire you are wearing.


4. Choker necklace with rubies and emeralds


A choker necklace, by default, is a super stylish addition to any attire meant for a wedding function. Now imagine taking the style factor many notches higher by including the irresistible combination of emeralds and rubies.


Traditionally, the colours green and red seem to be polar opposites, but when you combine emeralds and rubies, you can expect nothing less than sheer magic! Honestly, there can be no greater combination for a necklace meant for a wedding function, and this beautiful jewellery set just boasts of grandeur.


5. Diamond collar necklace with rubies


This necklace is for those who find it difficult to choose between diamonds and rubies. So why not have both? This customized piece will give you a gorgeous diamond collar adorned with the finest quality of rubies, arranged in a breathtaking fashion. The stunning set is perfect to go with your wedding function attire and can complement any colour. Red, pink, green, yellow, golden, blue, and white and ideal wedding attire accompaniments to this gorgeous necklace set.




6. Round ruby stud earrings

Ruby Earrings 

It goes without saying that round is the most traditional and well-known shape for stud earrings in general. In fact, rounds blend so naturally with the curvy shape of the ear that they seem to be a match made in heaven! Most importantly, it is perfect for any face shape or ear size.


Round rubies are known to be extremely dazzling as the shape maximizes the glittering nature of the ruby per se. That said, keep in mind that round rubies tend to be a little more pricey than the other shapes as the cutting and facets for the round shape are more challenging. Moreover, it is a very flexible shape that can be ideal for any carat size.

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7. Oval ruby stud earrings


Oval rubies are also extremely popular for their elegance and remarkable facets that bring out the essence of rubies in an incredible way. They are pretty similar to the evergreen round rubies, courtesy of the similar ways in which either are faceted to optimize the brilliance of the ruby.


But this is where the similarities end. The inherent shape of the oval-shaped ruby makes the gemstone more prominent on the ears. At the end of the day, oval ruby earrings have their own unique charm in comparison to round ruby earrings.


8. Princess ruby stud earrings


While the Princess ruby stud earrings are not as commonly found as their round and oval counterparts, they are still a very popular choice for events such as wedding functions. This can be attributed to the sheer elegance associated with this beautiful set of earrings. In addition, they are characterized by their relatively smaller sizes, and yet, they are regarded for their monumental presence that is bound to attract many eyeballs!


With its vintage square configuration that is complemented with neat corners and facets, it is easy to see why they have earned its reputation. It is undoubtedly a class apart from the usual shapes, making it perfect for any occasion.


9.Bezel setting ruby earrings


The bezel setting is noted to be an extremely secure and vintage style for ruby earrings. The rubies are sweetly held securely via a metal encasing from all sides. No matter what the shape of the ruby is, the metal encasing covers all sides of the gemstone.


Since the bezel style ensures that the gemstone is secure, it can be worn on a regular basis. As such, these earrings are durable. The only shortcoming of this setting is that the metal encasing inhibits light from accessing all sides of the ruby. As such, you can expect it to not sparkle too much.



10. Ruby heart bracelet


Is there anything as sweet as a heart-shaped ruby? This stunning bracelet features heart-shaped rubies Encased within stylish silver to form an irresistible jewellery piece. The combination of silver and rubies give your look a very classy touch that you simply can't get enough of!


11. Flower Ruby Bracelet


Bring out the beauty of your feminine glory with this splendid bracelet. The tiny rubies encased and connected to each other through silver loops feature a tasteful floral pattern that goes on to amplify the appeal of the bracelet. It is worth noting that this is a very delicate bracelet that is exclusively meant for special occasions like your wedding functions. So handle it with care and the love it deserves!


12. Birthstone Ruby Bracelet


Ruby is the birthstone for those born in the month of July. So if you are a July born, then this is perfect for you! This simplistic yet gorgeous bracelet has ruby take center stage while featuring a gold background.


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13. Multi-row ruby bracelet

Ruby & Diamonds Bracelet

As the name suggests, this custom-cut bracelet is laden in multiple rows of rubies that are complemented with absolutely gorgeous diamonds set in white gold. You can be sure that this stunner will elevate your look and make you feel like a queen!



So there you have it! Rubies have always been associated with class and prestige, and these custom-cut ruby jewellery are perfect for special occasions like wedding functions.


If you are looking for the finest ruby jewellery that is customized for your requirements, then Iris Gems is all you need! Our range of customization options and highly skilled jewellers will ensure that you get the perfect ruby jewellery. Get in touch with us, and we promise you the most beautiful ruby jewellery.