The 10 Most Expensive Sapphires in the World

Blue Sapphire for Engagement Ring


When it comes to gemstones, it goes without saying that blue sapphires are among the most in-demand gemstones from all across the world. The rich and vibrant blue colour, the legacy, association with royalty, and the cult status of this remarkably beautiful blue gemstone have cemented the blue sapphire among the most valuable and sought-after stones.


Additionally, with a hardness only next to diamonds, blue sapphire is apt for everyday use. As such, it is a highly coveted gemstone for engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooch, earrings, and basically any high-quality gemstone application that you can think of.


Furthermore, it is also used as an heirloom piece and is a prominent hit among gem collectors and connoisseurs alike. As such, it is easy to see why blue sapphires are so much in demand worldwide.


Naturally, blue sapphires have many admirers who are willing to shell out a lot of dollars to get the highest quality of sapphires in the world for themselves. Blue sapphires have been an integral part of grand auctions wherein these beautiful blue gems have sold for unimaginable prices.


As such, we will list the top 10 most expensive blue sapphires that were sold. This list includes ten absolutely breathtaking blue sapphires that commanded more than $4M! Yes, you read that right. As you go down the list to the #1 most expensive blue sapphire, even $4M would not seem much!

The Most Expensive Sapphires

Excited? So without any more ado, let's list the world's most expensive sapphires. Prepare yourself to be mesmerized!


#10 The Imperial Kashmir


Kashmir has been well-established as one of the world's hubs for breathtakingly gorgeous blue sapphires, and it's no wonder that we start our list with this absolute beauty! This gemstone features an intense step cut blue sapphire encased in a 'garland' of round-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds to form a gem that looks like a diamond-built pensive filled with a deep, sparkling blue liquid. It truly shows why blue sapphires from Kashmir are so much hype and are highly sought after for their brilliance and charm, and it is easy to see why the Imperial Kashmir has such a high selling price.


The centre stage is taken by a cornflower blue sapphire of 17.16 carats, and the diamonds are 6 carats each. The entire gemstone set-up is mounted on platinum, making it all the more special. This beauty sold out for $4,006,000 in October 2014 at the Sotheby's auction house in Hong Kong.


#9 The Kelly Sapphire


The Kelly Sapphire is a picture-perfect representation of an outstanding blue sapphire and diamond ring. Trapeze cut diamonds are known for their versatility, being able to sync with all types of gemstones. Naturally, it goes so flawlessly well with the beautiful blue sapphire placed at the centre of the ring. The ring is from the collection of Margaret Adderley Kelly.


To be more specific, the sapphire is cushion-cut and weighs around 21.71 carats. It is complemented by trapeze-shaped diamonds on each side of the sapphire and a square-cut diamond hoop, with the entire ring set on a platinum mounting. The origins of the sapphire can be traced back to Kashmir, with the sapphire itself classified as a Classic Kashmir Blue Sapphire. We are two down the list, and both are Kashmir Blue sapphires. Just how incredible is that! It is also worth mentioning that the Kelly Sapphire has no records of heat treatment. It has particularly gained immense popularity and attention due to its elegant deep blue colour.


The Kelly Sapphire was sold at $ 4,197,000 at Sotheby's New York in 2015.


#8 The Côte D'Azur" Brooch


Designed by Anna Hu, the Côte D'Azur" Brooch is an exceptionally beautiful and unique arrangement of multiple stones, all set in a breathtaking floral leafy look. It features a wonderful cushion-shaped blue sapphire weighing approximately 58.29 carats with coloured sapphires, moonstones, tsavorites, coloured diamonds, drop-shaped emeralds, tourmalines and spinel. If that wasn't enough already, the entire arrangement of stones is mounted in gold.


It is worth noting that each of the stones in the brooch is reputed for their exemplary purity and the final look that the entire set-up graces the viewer with.


It was sold in 2013 for a whopping $4,569,684 at Christie's Geneva. It is widely regarded as one of the finest collector's items that sets itself apart from other gemstones by virtue of its amazing design and collection of gemstones that fantastically complement the blue sapphire.


#7 The Kashmir Sapphire


Another sapphire from Kashmir on the list?! Well, it isn't surprising that the magnificent blue sapphires from the abode of Kashmir are so much in demand and sell for at least $4M. That's just how beautiful and pure the sapphires from Kashmir are!


This stunning piece features a 27.54 carat, and step cut blue sapphire that is noted for its incredible blue velvety colour of immense purity and depth. It sold at a price of $5,984,474 in November 2014 at Sotheby's Hong Kong auction.


#6 The Sapphire and Diamond Brooch by Cartier


The dreamy arrangement of this beauty set has earned many rave reviews from gemstone connoisseurs and admirers alike. It features a 30.23 carat blue sapphire held within diamonds that are shaped like pears and marquise. The diamonds weigh a total of approximately 42.35 carats and are exclusively signed by Cartier.


And guess what? The blue sapphire in this masterpiece is also sourced from Kashmir! The positioning of the blue sapphire gives it a regal look, and it is of no wonder that it has captured the hearts and minds of countless people from all around the globe. Naturally, you can see why it sold at $6,161,637 in an auction by Sotheby's in May 2015. At the time of the auction, it was a world record sale.


#5 Antique Style Sapphire & Diamond Brooch


We are talking about world records now! The Antique Style Sapphire & Diamond Brooch features a huge 130.50 carats Burmese blue sapphire set in a brooch and is renowned for its exceptional purity. Burma is another well-known hub for the finest blue sapphires in the world.


It was sold in May 2011 by Christie's for a jaw-dropping $7,127,453, making it a world record for the most expensive blue sapphire sold at that time. It is worth noting that this beautiful piece has been one of the most coveted pieces of jewellery in the history of blue sapphires and is greatly admitted for its elegance to this day.


#4 A Burmese Sapphire


This huge natural blue sapphire from Burma is widely reputed for numerous reasons. Whether it's the size, natural origins, unmatched quality, or the rarity associated with this strikingly beautiful piece, the oval-shaped sapphire garnered a lot of attention from all across the world.


This 114.74 carat Burmese sapphire sold for $7,223,285 at Sotheby's Geneva in November 2013. This huge Burmese blue sapphire has undoubtedly crafted a big place in the imagination of countless people on a global level.


#3 The Royal Blue


We are now in the top three, and the stunning gemstone in the third position justifies its namesake by actually displaying a royal blue colour that one simply can't get enough of!


This beautiful gem features a 35.09 carat Kashmir blue sapphire that has a dreamy royal blue colour that has earned it so much regard throughout the world. In addition, it has almost unmatched purity. All these exceptional factors have established Royal Blue's sky-high worth, and it sold at a price of $7,357,999 in May 2015.


#2 The Richelieu Sapphires


Have you ever looked at a pair of blue sapphires that are subtle, delicate, and command attention and presence just like a blue sapphire can! That's exactly what the infamous Richelieu Sapphires do.


These stellar earrings feature a floral diamond arrangement with a deep blue and vibrant blue sapphire in tow; the entire set is beyond gorgeous and is bound to give the wearer a regal and classy look. Not surprisingly, these blue sapphires are from Kashmir (there are just too many Kashmir blue sapphires on the list, eh?).


The Richelieu sapphires were sold in November 2013 in the Sotheby’s auction house for a mind-boggling price of $8,358,520! The earrings set with two sapphires and then rounded up to 26.66 and 20.88 carats.


#1 The Blue Belle of Asia


We are finally down to the most expensive blue sapphire sold ever: the one and only Blue Belle of Asia.


This absolutely marvelous blue sapphire was sold on November 6, 2014 by Christie's at a completely unfathomable price of $17,564,156, giving it the crown of the most expensive sapphire in the world.


In addition, the Blue Belle of Asia weighs in at a stunning 392.52 carats and as such, has been duly established as the 4th largest faceted sapphire in history. And the cost per carat? A superb $44,063!


Complemented by its weight, colour, and clarity, it is easy to see why it toppled the Richelieu Sapphires to take the throne.


If there was any blue sapphire deserving to be the most expensive stone ever sold, then it goes without saying that it had to be the Blue Belle of Asia.


A good number of the most expensive blue sapphires ever sold include ones from Kashmir. This doesn't come as a surprise as Kashmir is one of the hotspots globally for the finest quality of the purest blue sapphires. Needless to say, each of the ten sapphires is a true masterpiece and is an excellent representation of the charm, legacy, and grandeur of blue sapphires.


Some interesting facts about blue sapphire



  • For millennia, sapphires have been valued as probably the most important gems. It was predominant in antiquated Rome, old Persia, and the Middle Ages.


  • In spite of the way that a great many people distinguish sapphires with a dark blue color, sapphires come in pretty much every shade of the rainbow, including pink, peach, orange, yellow and green. Rubies are the name given to red sapphires (both are assortments of the mineral corundum).


  • The mineral corundum contains minor components that give sapphires their variety. For instance, iron and titanium are tracked down in conventional blue sapphires, and small measures of chromium can make corundum pink, while more chromium changes it into a ruby.


  • The expressions sapphire and sappheiros are gotten from the Latin and Greek words for "blue," sapphirus and sappheiros, separately, which might have initially alluded to one more blue stone known as lapis lazuli.


  • Sapphires may be found in various locations worldwide, including Australia, Tanzania, Thailand, Cambodia, Malawi, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and the United States.


  • Dark blue sapphires have generally been connected with eminence (potentially why "illustrious blue" was named after them). This is on the grounds that middle age rulers as often as possible wore imperial blue sapphires, with some accepting that the gems would safeguard them from their enemies.


  • The wedding band introduced by England's Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, which Princess Catherine right now wears, is the most eminent imperial sapphire today. A 12-carat oval blue sapphire is set in a precious stone encrusted setting.


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