The importance of buying from certified gemstone traders in the USA

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The initials behind a jeweller's or appraiser's name, like those of a doctor or dentist, mean a lot, mainly because not all retail jewellers are certified gemologists or traders. The gemstone market is already filled with a variety of fraudulent gemstone dealers, and in such cases, any person must avoid being duped by these dealers. To prevent oneself from becoming prey to such traders, it is necessary to buy from certified gemstone traders in the USA. A certified gem trader will provide a certificate of authenticity when the customer buys the gems. Gemstone certification issued by certified gem traders in the USA aims to assess a piece of gem based on various quality criteria established by the gem industry to determine the quality and main features of various gemstones. A gemstone specialist has been named to look at or quantify the minor articulations of a gem discretely and issue a comprehensive report based on the findings of a gemstone examination. Independent lab certifications – from reputable gem laboratories – will help to ensure that you are having your money's worth when purchasing precious natural gems.

Who is a certified gemstone trader?

An accredited gemologist is anyone who has completed specialised diamond and coloured gemstone studies from the GIA, such as diamond grading, coloured stone grading, gem recognition, and studies on how the gem and jewellery industry works. A qualified gemologist also demonstrates mastery of diamond, gemstone, and precious metal testing techniques and staying current on the evolving history of gemological research, ensuring they are aware of all the ongoing innovations in the jewellery and gemstone industries. 

What is gemstone certification?

It is a technical outline of the exact quality attributes of a stone. A GIA Diamond Grading Report ensures that the diamond is natural and that any treatment to improve colour or clarity has been disclosed. The report offers the type of clear proof required for a secure transaction. A GIA Gemstone Grading Report not only offers expert analysis of colour, transparency, cut, and carat weight, but it also includes a plotting diagram that displays the inclusions and clarity characteristics of a stone. In addition to this comprehensive 4Cs evaluation, the GIA Gem Origin Report determines the gemstone's ethnicity.

Why is gemstone certification required?

The need for gemstone certification emerges due to the large number of fake and fraudulent gemstone dealers who deceive customers by selling coloured or synthetic gemstones. As a result, obtaining a certification is critical to limit such unethical activities. There are well-established organisations that will investigate or examine any detail about the stone, such as colour, form, chemical compositions, and treatments. Based on this, a legitimate report is being created that encapsulates the finer points of a particular gemstone, such as its weight, carat, colour, inclusions, refractive index, and so on. A gemstone certification shows every detail about the gem. As a result, a client looking to purchase a gemstone should look for certified gem traders in the USA. Nowadays, any gemstone dealer assures his or her customers that the gemstone they are purchasing is accredited. However, you might only a few genuine dealers left who sell genuine and legitimate gem certification. When buying a gemstone, a customer can trust the dealer who promises to issue a certificate that a third party issues. Third-party certification is essential, and a client should place a high value on it. If a gemstone is certified by a reputable lab, the dealer can confidently guarantee the stone's consistency. You should also look over the certificate and see whether the stone warrants the price that the jeweller is asking for it. The certificate will show every detail about the stone, allowing you to determine if the stone is worth the price that the jeweller is asking for it or not.

Certified gemstone traders in the USA trust Gem certifications

If you're looking to buy a piece of jewellery, invest in a valuable gemstone, or get an existing piece approved for sale, there are some reputable gemstone laboratories in various countries that are worth knowing about. It's also important to make sure that any substantial jewellery you're thinking of buying (or selling) comes with a recent certification from a reputable lab. The more recent, the better, since laboratory research has advanced to the point that a certificate from ten years ago may easily be obsolete and inaccurate.

  1. Gubelin gem labs - The Gübelin Gem Lab is a foremost authority in coloured gemstone identification, focusing on gem authenticity, which can be assessed based on their unique, distinctive attributes—founded in 1923 to investigate and ascertain the genuineness of the stones used in Gübelin's certified jewellery to preserve the confidence of Gübelin's clients at the time. The fully autonomous Gübelin Gem Lab is now regarded as one of the world's most prestigious gemological institutions. The Gübelin Gem Lab produces highly regarded Gemmological Reports, which are trusted by top auctioneers, royal families, jewellers, gem dealers, and collectors worldwide.
  2. SSEF - The Swiss Gemmological Institute, also known as the SSEF (Schweizerische Stiftung für Edelstein-Forschung), is another reliable source for gemstone certification. Since its inception in 1974, the laboratory has provided reports on diamonds, coloured stones, and pearls. The SSEF is often concerned with assessing the validity of gemstones and determining their source, and identifying any potential treatments. The SSEF laboratory was initially established to serve the Swiss gemstone and jewellery trade, but it has since expanded to serve private clients.
  3. GIA - The Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, is undoubtedly the most well-known gem research laboratory. Established in 1931 by Robert M. Shipley with the goal of "protecting both buyers and sellers of gemstones by establishing and preserving the criteria used to determine gemstone quality." Robert M. Shipley worked as a jeweller in the 1920s. The study, gem identification, diamond grading facilities, and educational programmes are the four key areas in which the GIA works. The GIA's most famous singular contribution to the field of gemstone classification is the establishment of the Four C's concept within its International Diamond Grading System in 1953, which is still used to classify diamonds more than half a century later.
  4. GRS lab - GRS research is primarily concerned with the identification and characterisation of high-quality coloured gemstones since its establishment in 1996 by Dr Adolf Peretti; the company has specialised in identifying gemstones from newly discovered mines and the determination of origin for gems mined from conventional mining regions. Colour grading and gemstone colour markings, such as the well-known GRS-type Pigeon's Blood rubies and GRS-type Royal Blue sapphires, are among their specialities. They have labs in Hong Kong, New York, Bangkok, and Switzerland, among other places.

What is the best type of Certificate to buy certified gemstone online?

The American Gemological Society (AGS) is well regarded in terms of issuing certificates to gemstones. This gemological laboratory also allows verifying their certificates after the fact. GIA certificates are highly recognized all over the world.

The GIA report can be ordered by anyone, you may also request for the same through their official website. GIA can do anything for their customers from verifying the authenticity of the gem to a full diamond grading report.

Apart from GIA, there are labs such as EGL- but that certify diamonds only and are also perceived "off" by several grades for their colour and clarity when compared to AGS and GIA certifications.

Thus when you buy certified gemstone it is very important that you know the differences when comparing certification from different laboratories and before taking their grades a "fact".

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The importance of buying from certified gem traders in the USA

When purchasing a gem, precious stone, or another piece of fine jewellery, there are many benefits to purchasing from a professional gemologist. A trained gemologist can reliably classify diamonds, gemstones, and jewellery, as well as assess their worth. A licensed gemologist follows a stringent code of ethics in addition to thorough training and expertise. You should expect to know the stone and its significance when you buy diamonds and gemstones from a professional gemologist. You can clear your doubts anytime. A successfully certified gemologist would not be ashamed to say that they "don't know." this will ensure that they will do the necessary research to find the answer for you. One of the essential qualities of a certified gemologist is honesty. A gemstone can be sold by anyone. But can you trust "anyone" to sell you a gemstone? A licensed gemologist is someone you can trust and feel confident dealing with when purchasing a gemstone. Since natural stones are rare and costly, you should get a certificate of authenticity for them. Natural ones can be purchased by some jewellers, particularly if they come with an authenticity certificate. You will not get more than 85% of the stone's worth. In addition, the stone would be valued independently of the metal (gold/silver) in which it is placed.

What factors to consider when buying gemstones from certified traders?

When purchasing from certified gem traders in the USA, ask the following questions:

  1. The stone comes from a reputed and prominent gemstone laboratory like Gubelin, SSEF, GIA, GRS, AIGS.
  2. The certificate should have the name of the stone and mention whether the stones have been heat-treated or not. Also, look if any other treatment has been done on the stone and then take your decision.
  3. If the stone is costly, then mentioning the country of origin is also one thing that one must look for, which will help you sell your stone easily later on. 

Should You buy certified gemstone a Colored Gemstone without a certificate from nearby?

Tips when you buy certified gemstone online 

Certifications offer buyers authenticity and genunity of stones. These certifications are also helpful for appraisals, insurance and reselling. One more important fact to know is- not all gemstones certifications are created equal. Let's look at the points in detail and understand what to watch out for dealing with or buy certified gemstone (s).

1. Certificates give you information about your gemstone; it's crucial to ask for the certificate when you buy a gem.

2. Sometimes, certificates are not provided when purchasing gems; however, as per your wish, they can issues at any point after you have made a purchase.

3. Selling certified gemstones has become a beautiful business. If you are not familiar with whether the dealers provide certification, you should feel comfortable asking the dealers or people in the industry about gemstone certification.

4. Govt certified labs such as AGS (American Gemological Society) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America both of these laboratories are well regarded in terms of gemstone certifying process. Certifications from these two organizations can be ordered by anyone.

5. Sometimes, the cost of the certificate can exceed the value of the stone. And based on the recent market price, the cost of a certificate for a single gemstone from reputed labs such as GIA, AGS and Gubelin may exceed the price of a gemstone.


If you want to learn more about your gemstone, don't be afraid to ask for documentation. A report from a licensed gemological laboratory will confirm your chosen gemstone's characteristics and attributes, including its colour, transparency, weight, and dimensions, and its country of origin, and the presence, if any, of treatments used to improve the gem's quality. Certification is at the core of a buyer's confidence in and authenticity of any gemstone. Therefore, buying from certified gemstone traders in the USA is a preferred choice.