What is the importance of blue sapphire stones for jewellery

blue sapphire stones for jewellery


The Blue Sapphire gemstone is unique for a variety of reasons. Being governed by the planet Saturn, it is considered one of the luckiest gemstones and Important factors that make blue sapphire unique that bring its wearer a lot of health, money, and wisdom. It is made up of many corrective forces that oversee the native's entire well-being. Corundum is the second hardest mineral on the planet, right after diamond. Apart from the red variant known as Rubies, Sapphire is given to all gemstones found in the Corundum mineral series. Sapphire comes from the Latin word "saphirus" and the Greek word "sapheiros," both of which imply "blue." While sapphire is commonly associated with the colour blue, it comes in various colours, with blue being the most prevalent. Thus, the use of blue sapphire stones for jewellery is well-known.

What does blue sapphire represent?

With their deep, enigmatic hues, blue sapphires have been associated with a variety of meanings throughout history. In more recent times, these lovely stones free their bearers from spiritual perplexity, mental stress, depression, and unpleasant ideas. They also symbolise the re-establishment of balance inside one's body, assisting in the alignment of the spiritual, mental, and physical realms and bringing peace of mind and serenity. Sapphires have long been associated with remorse, purity, and holiness, according to historical accounts. They have represented truthfulness and functioned as a symbol of justice in many countries.

The importance of blue sapphire stones for jewellery

Blue sapphire is the most popular stone among individuals, which can be seen adorned as rings, pendants, bangles and earrings. These days blue sapphire engagement rings are becoming popular among millennial brides because of their magnificent colour and sophisticated designs and cuts. The blue sapphire stones for jewellery are becoming a trend lately because of the following reasons:

  1. The Blue Sapphire is a corundum stone that is hard and long-lasting. Blue Sapphire has a firmness of 9.0 MOH, which is somewhat less than diamond. Metals like aluminium and chromium are found in the stone. It can be used to make any type of jewellery, including rings and pendants. Without worrying about the stone cracking, it may be cut and sculpted into anything.
  2. The rarest sapphires are flawless, clear blue sapphires. They are exceptionally long-lasting and intriguing. A natural blue sapphire is extremely rare. They are considered high-end jewellery since they are rarely accessible without faults.
  3. Its beauty cannot be compared to that of any other gemstone. It is more likely than any other gemstone to grab light and sparkle. Rings, necklaces, and other pieces of jewellery can be produced with Blue Sapphire gemstones.
  4. The carat weight of a Blue Sapphire is crucial in deciding its price. The heavier the weight, the higher the carat. Sapphires are, in fact, heavier than other gemstones. When compared to a diamond of the same carat size, blue sapphire is smaller. As a result, higher-carat diamonds make beautiful jewellery.
  5. The cut of a blue sapphire determines its value. The cut should be neat and exact. It's worth mentioning that the gem’s cut enhances the sapphire’s brilliance and radiance. In addition, the cut of the stone determines how well it is encrusted in the jewellery. Blue sapphires come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including heart, trillion, and pear.
  6. Natural blue sapphire may be found all over the globe. However, the gemstone is primarily produced in Asia, Africa, and Australia. Kashmir sapphires are thought to be the greatest in the world. The soft blue tint of the region distinguishes it from other stones of its type.
  7. Astrological significance- The strong lord Saturn rules over blue sapphire, and it can instantly improve the wearer's life. However, if the gem is misused, he will perish. Therefore, by pleasing Saturn and removing its unfavourable movements in the horoscope, this stone is said to offer significant rewards in one's career or business. According to astrology, Blue sapphire also brings the wearer eternal fame and prosperity in his creative endeavours or political ambitions. Furthermore, the Neelam stone enhances Saturn, which is weakened and bestows great wealth and excellent health on the bearer.
  8. Blue sapphire is a gemstone that symbolises purity and love. It strengthens the wearer's throat chakra and improves communication abilities. Furthermore, it encourages the wearer to persevere on the spiritual path and experience complete mental and body healing by disconnecting any obstacles. Sapphires can assist in instilling a positive outlook on life and bringing about calm energies when the mind is overworked.
  9. A birthstone is a gemstone associated with the month of one's birth. Each of the twelve months has single or multiple gems connected with it. For example, September's birthstone is blue sapphire. This stone was thought to protect your loved ones from all kinds of harm in ancient times. It was also a symbol of loyalty and trust.
  10. It is widely used in engagement rings since it is regarded as the stone of love, devotion, and commitment. It is also utilised as a gemstone for professional assistance. It is supposed to keep CEOs and writers' minds active, improve awareness of higher concepts in historians and researchers, and help lawyers and journalists make better decisions. Sapphires, which are a sign of wise and honest leadership, can also boost self-motivation and discipline.

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blue sapphire stones for jewellery

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