London vs Swiss Blue Topaz: Which Gem Will You Pick?

The London Blue topaz is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. The stone has a distinct blue hue that makes it appear nearly inky, distinguishing it from conventional blue topaz, also known as Swiss Blue topaz. As a result, it's frequently confused with blue sapphires, although the two are not the same.


According to the definition, London Blue topaz is a topaz stone with a highly unique, inky blue tint. It's a little darker than ordinary topaz but not quite as dark as a sapphire. Instead, the colour is more accurately defined as a cross between the two.


Fluorinated aluminium silicate is the main component of topaz. It has a Mohs hardness of eight, making it harder than quartz, even though it frequently develops alongside it. Despite being harder than quartz, London Blue topaz is not as hard as sapphires, rubies, or diamonds. Topaz is a mineral, whereas the other three are jewels.


What Is London Blue Topaz and Why Is It Called That?


The origin of the name London Blue topaz is a point of contention, primarily as its lighter cousin is known as Swiss Blue topaz. However, there are different reports on whether the stones' physical positions have anything to do with their origins.

One of the most prevalent reasons this stone is known as London Blue topaz is that London has a certain amount of topaz reputation. Therefore, the darkest, richest colour of topaz available on the market is known as London Blue topaz.


Swiss Blue Topaz is a gemstone essential in the lives of lovers; these stones help them live in harmony until the end of their lives. Therefore, Swiss blue topaz is a ring that we recommend. Blue topaz is a stone that represents sincerity, clarity of thought, and a strong emotional bond. In addition, this stone can be utilised to improve one's health.

In this day and age, natural blue Swiss topaz is one of the most appealing and striking stones. This gleaming blue diamond has captivated and stirred our imaginations since prehistoric times. Although ancient concepts may have inspired the creation of this stone, its features remain essential and relevant now. On the other hand, Blue Topaz is an excellent stone for boosting self-esteem. Physically, psychologically, and emotionally, it can be beneficial.

It aids in digestive tract healing and anorexia treatment. The blue topaz necklace is highly advised for individuals who suffer from taste difficulties, sore throats, or headaches. Most people prefer swiss blue because it is a brighter, more graceful colour.

Swiss Blue Topaz is a vibrant midrange to medium dark blue topaz formed by combining neutron and electron treatment, followed by heat treatment. Heat treatment at 200 C for approximately 180 hours follows the electron beam treatment. Blue colours are produced as a result. Topaz requires an 8-month cooling period after neutron irradiation before being sold safely.


Compared to other popular blue gems like sapphire and tanzanite, blue topaz is a more affordable option. This is because it is abundant in nature. A topaz, however, is often clear white or brown when found in its raw form. Because natural blue topaz is extremely rare, most Swiss and London blue topaz gems on the market today are processed white topaz gems. Despite this, they are becoming increasingly popular.


According to market trends and customer buying habits, London blue topaz has an advantage over the other kind and is a little more expensive than Swiss Blue Topaz. This is due to its brilliant blue sapphire-like tint. As a result, it's estimated that it sells around half as much as its Swiss cousin.


Blue topaz has an eight on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, unaffected by colour enhancement treatments. So, whether you choose Swiss or London, you can rest assured that you're getting a long-lasting diamond.


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