How does a certified black tourmaline look like?

certified black tourmaline


Certified Black Tourmaline: Rubies conjure up images of red, whilst emeralds conjure up images of green. There is one stone; however, that is accessible in every colour of the rainbow. Yes, we're discussing tourmalines. These stones come in various colours, from bright yellow to warm orange to cold blue and deep black. It's no wonder that tourmalines are recognised for having the most diverse colour spectrum of any gemstone. A tourmaline is a group of minerals rather than a single mineral. It is, in reality, a collection of minerals having similar physical and chemical characteristics.

The crystal structure of each tourmaline stone is the same. However, the elements inside it may differ. The hardness of tourmalines ranges from 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. This indicates that it is quite durable and scratch-resistant. A certified black tourmaline is certified by the trusted labs and ensures that the quality of the tourmaline is of high quality and has better resale value.

certified black tourmaline

How does a certified black tourmaline look like?

Tourmalines are often used in jewellery of many kinds. Their diverse colour palette complements all precious metals. Today, tourmaline jewellery is available in both yellow and white gold. In addition, many designs, particularly cocktail rings and necklaces, use various coloured tourmalines. When purchasing tourmalines, pay special attention to the four ‘Cs.' This relates to the colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight of the black tourmaline. 

  1. Colour- This is an essential element in determining the value of a property. The most expensive tourmalines in the family are Paraiba tourmalines, which have neon blue colours. Because these tourmalines are so uncommon, they command a premium price. Stones with very vivid colours may be fairly costly. Make sure there isn't a dark, black region on these stones, though. Earthy tones with a low saturation level are also popular. Pleochroic stones include green tourmalines. This implies that depending on the angle from which they are seen; they will show varied colours. Then there are the tourmalines with two colours. The most frequent stones have a green shell and a pink centre. Statement jewellery is made possible by gemstones with different colour zones.
  2. Cut- Tourmalines are found in the form of lengthy crystals in nature. The majority of stones have colour variations throughout their length. Its pleochroic characteristics also influence its cut. This is because when seen lengthwise, the stones can seem quite black. Baguettes, octagons, and marquise shapes are typical cuts for tourmalines. This helps to highlight the stone's distinctive colour characteristics while also reducing waste.
  3. Clarity- Clear tourmalines, like other gemstones, are the most expensive despite their scarcity. Thread-like inclusions are common in tourmalines. These inclusions seem to be filled with small gas or liquid bubbles when seen via a magnifying lens. The stone may have a cat's eye look due to several long tubes. As a result, unless they are excessive, inclusions are typically permissible.
  4. Carat weight- After the 5-carat mark, the per-carat price of a tourmaline generally rises. Larger fashioned tourmalines are available, although they are highly unusual.

What qualities does a certified black tourmaline have?

  • No other common mineral crystallises in the trigonal system, and tourmaline is the only one with three-sided prisms.

  • On the exterior, the watermelon tourmaline looks green, but it's a luscious pink on the inside.

  • Richard T. Liddicoat, a respected former GIA President, was honoured with the name Liddicoatite tourmaline.

    Where to buy high-quality certified black tourmaline?

    Certification is required when purchasing Tourmaline anywhere on the planet. A tourmaline certificate of authenticity ensures that the gemstone has been graded according to international tourmaline standards. Your Tourmaline has transparent and unbiased features that you believe are genuine. Make sure you get a copy of the certificate when you buy Tourmaline.

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