How certified ruby is different from non-certified ruby

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one of the most valuable jewels on the market for coloured stones, Ruby is derived from the Latin word "Rub rum." i.e. the colour red. The birthstone for persons born in July is the ruby gemstone, which is naturally charming. Ruby is classified as a sapphire stone. Because chromium oxide is present in precious Ruby, it exhibits a dark red colour. Ruby has a specific gravity of 3.99 and a refractive index of 1.765. This precious natural stone has a hardness of 9 on the MOH scale. Because of their rich colour and exceptional quality, rubies are in high demand in the gem industry. Ruby is known as the "Gem for Love and Relationship" and is popular among women. Ruby is the most beautiful stone and makes a lovely gift for your loved ones. But one needs to know and understand the difference between buying certified ruby and uncertified ruby.

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Importance of a certified ruby

The demand for certified ruby arises from the market's abundance of fake gemstone dealers who take advantage of their clients by selling them synthetic or fake gemstones. A gemstone enthusiast should purchase Ruby or other precious gemstones from a reputable gem laboratory that will study and describe minute features of gemstones such as colour, shape, chemical compositions, and treatments in great detail.

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A proper report is created that includes subtle facts about a certain gemstone, such as its weight, carat, colour, inclusions, treatments, shape, refractive index, and beryllium treatment, among other things. As a result, a Ruby certification report reveals minute characteristics about the stone. As a result, if a user wishes to buy a Ruby gemstone, they should look for sellers who also offer gemstone certification. A qualified gem specialist examines a certified gemstone and thoroughly evaluates or inspects it on many aspects to determine its quality.

What information does a ruby certification contain?

A certified ruby contains information about the most significant quality features for a loose diamond. A grading report should at the very least include information on the so-called 4 C's: colour, clarity, cut, and carat. Each of these four features receives a grade, which influences the stone's price. The symmetry of the ruby’s facets, how thoroughly polished the stone is if the ruby fluoresces under UV light, and other details are frequently included in grading reports.

What is an uncertified ruby?

Noncertified rubies are those that do not have a grading report attached to them. These rubies have been cut and polished, but the vendor has chosen not to have their quality assessed by a third party for whatever reason. There are numerous reasons why a diamond should not be certified.

certified ruby

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The vendor, for example, may not want to pay the price to have the stone graded. This is frequently the case with low-quality rubies whose inferiority is clear – a certificate would not help such stones sell better in the first place.

How is certified ruby different from non-certified ruby?

Uncertified ruby is not always of inferior quality to certified ruby. In actuality, the absence of a certificate informs you nothing about a stone's quality; it simply indicates that there is no confirmed information regarding the rubies qualities. Uncertified ruby is riskier to buy than certified ruby since its exact quality is unknown. You simply don't know whether the price demanded for a noncertified stone is fair concerning its quality.

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Although the price tag may appear modest, rubies of the same quality grade may have a much lower market price. On the other hand, certified ruby is a safer investment. While a certificate does not guarantee great quality, it does ensure that the item is exactly what the seller advertises. In some ways, a grading report acts as a third-party expert's seal of approval, providing you with a quality judgement that is likely to be more specific than your own.

Even if it's merely polishing and cutting, every stone goes through a procedure. And the stone's report mentions all of this. Depending on the treatments, some gemstones that appear to be real may be synthetic. As a result, obtain the report and seek the advice of a gemologist.

What should be the ideal choice: certified ruby or non-certified ruby?

Uncertified or self-certified ruby can be quite appealing because it is usually less expensive than certified ruby. But, before you jump on that uncertified deal, keep in mind that you could not get precisely what you paid for. Rubies are graded using very exacting criteria by gem labs. When compared to an uncertified or self-certified ruby labelled as a colour grade, meaning you may have saved very little (or worst, paid more than you should have)! Therefore, it is suggested that unless you are an expert or hold extensive experience in understanding the gemstone, it is advisable to buy certified gems from trusted dealers like IrisGems.

Why to buy high-quality ruby from wholesale Dealer

High-Quality Ruby can command the highest prices of any coloured gemstone. But buying a ruby from a certified wholesale dealer will have you more variety and affordable prices.

This fact is that, unlike retailers or jewellery stores, wholesale dealers buy the gemstones directly from manufacturers, which cut the cost of the middleman and, thus, the overall cost reduces. To buy high-quality ruby from Iris Gems click on the below image. This image will take you to our shopify store. 

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Due to a rise in demand for gemstones and a lack of knowledge regarding gemstone certification among customers, many gem traders offer gems without gem certification or issue fake gem certificates with no value or utility. However, finding a real gem certification lab that has earned a reputation and name in gem certification is quite difficult nowadays.

At IrisGems, we make your search easier and provide you with high-quality gemstones certified by reputed laboratories of the world. We have a wide range of accredited ruby to choose from. We also offer gem reports, which provide a complete examination of the various gemstones available to you.  Our stones are calibrated to perfection, have proper facets, and are simple to set up in your jewellery. To ensure quality, in-house cutting and gemologists are used in Asia. Because we have the cutting machines and competent staff to cut precisely to 1/10th of a degree, we can provide you with superior quality gemstones.


Top 3 reasons why to Buy high-quality ruby / certified ruby for jewellery Purposes?

Attractive glitter and shades are the two most things for any gemstone. There are only a handful of gems that attains the stature of "precious stones". 

Ruby gemstone striking red colour and excellent lustre are enough to draw attention when worn at parties, weddings, and other special occasions. 

1. Ruby can be gifted for Jewelry Purposes

 Gifted someone ruby gemstone will be the best gift ever. Apart from its beautiful shade and colour, this gemstone has extensive good properties, making it so hard to break, and thus it lasts for years. 


2. Ruby Gemstone is the investment for the future

Buying the right gemstone may be pricey but buying ruby gemstone is an investment. Ruby gemstones are similar to buying diamonds. However, even after years, this gem keep retained its value. 


3. Right Fashion Choice in Sapphire and Diamond dominated world.

Sometimes, it is good to escape the common and go for something more unique and decent to match our personality in this sapphire and diamonds-dominated world. 

Ruby is such a lovely gemstone that captivates the attention of everyone nearby you.  

Many celebs are fond of this beautiful gemstone. You have seen most of the celebrities wearing this unique gem on special occasions and events. 

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Burma Ruby - Burma Ruby is a member of the corundum family. It's the rarest ruby and prized for its beauty, durability and rarity. 

Burma Ruby colour is the most critical factor in determining its value. Indeed, the colour of rubies is the most factor than its clarity. 

Though it is generally found in pink-red colour but pigeon blood red colour is the finest colour Burma Ruby. 

Demand for gem quality Burma Ruby has always been high due to its mining records from Burma back almost 500 years. 

Mozambique Ruby - This July month birthstone is the most sold gemstone of Iris Gems. At Iris Gems we sell a premium quality of Mozambique directly resourced from Africa. The cost of Mozambique Ruby, its hardness & looks barely varies from other variants. 

Mozambique ruby possesses strong astrology qualities such as professional growth, financial and better health. 

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How can you tell a natural certified ruby from a fake?

Genuine certified rubies glow with a deep, vivid, almost "stoplight" red. Fake gems are often dull: they are "light, but not bright." If the gemstone is more extra of a dark red, then it may be garnet alternately of a ruby. However, if it is a natural ruby, know that darker stones are usually worth more than lighter stones.



What is a certified ruby?

A certified ruby is the one that has the most significant quality features. These certified rubies are graded based on 4c's- colour, cut, carat and clarity. 

And each of these four c's receives a grade, which influences the stone's price. 

Who certifies these rubies?

Rubies are certified by labs like GIA, Gubelin, SSEF, GRS Certified Ruby  and more. These labs possess skills to grade them based on their qualities. Which clear the tests are labelled as certified ruby, and those who don't are accredited as not certified rubies.

From where to buy high-quality ruby?

A high-quality ruby has pure, vibrant red colour. And this colour must not be too dark and too light. Iris Gems imports high-quality ruby from Mozambique and other African regions. To buy high-quality ruby visit us

What is the difference between certified ruby sapphire emerald ?

A certified ruby is a ruby that has the most significant quality features. Wherein a ruby is graded based on 4 c's - colour, carat, clarity and cut.

If you want to buy fine quality certified ruby sapphire emerald, then only prefer to purchase from reputed dealers.