Where can I buy GRS-certified gemstones online?

grs certified gemstone

Why is GRS certification of gems essential?

GRS Gemstone certification means evaluating a piece of stone based on different quality parameters established by the gemstone industry to assess the quality and other characteristics of different gemstones. A gemstone expert subtly examines or measures the minor details of a stone and issues a detailed report based on gemstone inspection. The report issued by a gemologist or gemstone expert is referred to as a certification report. A GRS gemstone certification report incorporates all measurements and essential characteristics of a stone evaluated by a trained gem expert. You should buy GRS-certified gemstone from a licensed gemstone dealer.

The need for gemstone certification originates from many fake gemstone dealers in the market who used to dodge customers by selling them colored or synthetic gemstones. Thus, to restrict such false practices in the future legit gemstone dealers have founded an institute that will research or examine various aspects of the stones such as color, shape, chemical compositions, and treatments. Based on the above finding, a formal report incorporates the most subtle details of a particular gemstone consisting of its weight, carat, color, inclusion, treatments, shape, refractive index, beryllium treatment, etc. Hence, a GRS gem certification report discloses minute details about a gemstone. Thus, a customer who wants to buy GRS-certified gemstone should opt for those dealers who offer gemstone certification along with gems.

A certified gemstone examined by a trained and professional gem expert who meticulously evaluates or inspects a particular gemstone on various parameters to judge the quality of the gemstone. Hence, We advise you to buy a certified gemstone because a trained gemstone expert is analyzing it. Thus stone succeeds on the quality parameter. While buying a gemstone from a dealer, a client should trust that specific gem seller who guarantees to issue a certificate, which a third party publishes. Since certifying one's gemstone does not determine whether a stone is real or fake. Because a gem seller may act biasedly to sell his gemstones, therefore, a third-party certification holds utmost importance, and a customer should rely heavily on GRS certification. More importantly, if the gem is certified by a reputed gem grading lab, then the vendor very enthusiastically claims the stone's quality. Moreover, to determine whether the stone justifies the gem seller's price, you can go through a GRS gem certificate. It will disclose all the little details about the gemstone, which will let you determine whether the stone deserves the price charged by the gem seller.

What are GRS-certified gemstones? How is GRS certification done?

Founded by Dr. Adolf Peretti in 1996, GRS (Gem Research Swisslab) research has focused mainly on identifying and characterizing high-quality colored gemstones from newly discovered mines and the origin for gems derived from classic mining regions. GRS Certification focuses on color grading and gemstone color brandings, such as the well-known GRS-type Pigeon's Blood rubies and GRS-type Royal Blue sapphires. GRS color terms indeed went global and have evolved into a credible international standard. The color system of GRS has been embraced by the end-users and used across all trade levels, including renowned auction houses, labs, wholesale gem markets, and the retail gem market.

GRS has pioneered the discipline of creating a different approach to describing color terms. In doing so, GRS has reshaped the gemstone industry concerning color communication. The main goal has always been to create simple, explicit expressions without vague terms that might confuse the final consumer. According to these guidelines, GRS bases its color grading system on comprehensive master stone sets, allocating the color grade range. GRS has trademarked these color terms.

How can IrisGems help you buy GRS-certified gemstone?

Are you looking to buy GRS-certified gemstone? IrisGems is your one-stop solution. You must buy GRS-certified gemstone from a licensed gemstone dealer. There are so many fake gemstone dealers in the market, but as the famous saying goes, not all green is an emerald! At Iris Gems, we make sure that all of the GRS-certified gemstones we sell have been accredited and authenticated by reputable and professional laboratories, including GIA, GRS, AGL, Gubelin, and SSEF. We always have believed in three things: dedication, creativity, and consistency in providing exemplary service to our clients. Iris can handle significant and personalized orders as well. We always have pleased and gained the trust of our customers by providing them with gemstones that match flawlessly with their jewelry. Our society values innovation. Since we enjoy experimenting, we have created many new cuts. Our most proprietary cuts have earned plenty of awards and are extremely familiar with our customers. We thrive on our relentless desire for creativity and, as a result, have played a leading role in many innovations in this sector.

We also offer single stones, matched pairs, and parcels. In addition, we can handle colossal custom-cutting orders. We have reliable supply and timely delivery. Our stones are precisely calibrated, they have precise facets, and are very simple to set with your jewelry. We also offer 24X7 customer service support and are always available for your help. 

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Iris Gems is the one stop solution for certified gemstones online purchase. At Iris Gems we sell 100% certified coloured gems stone to wholesellers and jewellers we are selling certified gemstone since our business started in the year 1985. 

Some FAQ's on Certified Gemstones? 

Before we make a purchase of grs certified gemstones online we found ourself occupied with son many questions such as - Is this gemstone real, does it GRS certified and I am making the right buying decision and so on.... keeping these questions in mind we have come up with certain answers which will help you in purchasing the perfect gemstone for you. 

Is a Gemstone without GRS certification fake?

You have probably heard that not every gemstone come with certification. Certification is just the proof that gemstone is natural, however, apart from certification, there are other ways through which you can test the quality and originality of a gemstone.

Is a gemstone without a GRS Certification worthless?

Practically looking then yes, but from theory perspective no. As a gemstone certificate can't chnage its quality. So, a gemstone certificate, shouldn't chnage the value of a stone. But in reality where live not having a gemstone certificate can hurt you.

Are all Gemsstone Certifications the same?

Not all Gemstone certifications are trustworthy.
Only labs that grade gemstones strictly can protect your investment.

What are some of the best Gemstone certifications?

Though there are dozens of gems labs out there. some laboratories are independent, whereas others work for jewellers.Some have grading policies and strictly follow ethics such as GIA, AGS and GCAL. Lets quickly explore the big one's.

1.GIA - Gemological Institute of America.
2.AGS - American Gem Society
3.GCAL - Gem Certification & Assurance Lab
4.IGI - International Gemological Institute
5.EGL- European Gemological Laboratories

Why buy GIA certified Gemstone?

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should choose GIA Certified Gemstones.

1. GIA is Credible
2.Everyone know and respects GIA
3.Buying a GIA certificate protects your investment.

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