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best quality emerald


Best Quality EmeraldEmerald stones, often known as emerald Panna or just Panna, have been popular since 1500 BC. The majestic attraction of these wonderfully coloured jewels drew the attention of Egypt's mythical ruler, Queen Cleopatra. These can't be confused with anything else. They have a deep green colour that is striking, luscious, and pristine. This is due to chromium's presence in them, which gives them the appearance of being plucked from nature. Emerald gemstones exude awe, which is appropriate given their long history of association with astrology and magic. Since the popularity of gemstone jewellery has grown, you may wear emerald stones with any outfit, whether it's a western wedding gown or an Indian ghagra choli, to elevate your look. Such is the versatility of this stunning green stone. And when it comes to buying this precious gemstone, one must always consider buying the best quality emeralds and that too from a trusted and reliable gemstone trader.

Why prefer buying the best quality emerald from a certified gemstone trader?

When buying an expensive stone like emerald,  it is necessary to make sure that the trader or the place you choose to buy is trustworthy and deals in genuine gemstones and provides you with an authentication certificate so that you are at peace with your investment being worthy enough. Purchasing a certified gemstone provides purchasers with the comfort that their purchasing item is genuine and legitimate. And buying the best quality emerald from online sellers like IrisGems can be worth your penny.

Buying the best quality emerald at IrisGems is a major online retailer of loose gemstones and coloured gemstone jewellery. We seek to create a one-of-a-kind online quality experience that, while common in other eCommerce segments, is often lacking in the gems and jewellery industry. You will find a wide variety of natural coloured gemstones, including both precious and semi-precious stones (such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies, natural pearls, and so on) (like Amethyst, Topaz, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, etc.). We have one of the vastest range of certified gemstones on the internet at IrisGems. Every gemstone in our collection comes with a gem certificate from one of the most prominent and authorised gem testing labs globally. We understand that selecting the best quality emerald is a critical decision. We strive to make our customers' search as straightforward as possible by providing a wide range of options and the internet's most comprehensive educational resource on all things emerald. Simply defined, the foundation of our emerald company are quality, rarity, and value.

What sets IrisGems apart from other suppliers in the market?

We have believed in three things since the beginning: commitment, innovation, and excellence. We've amassed an unequalled collection of rare, unique, untreated, and certified (Gubelin, SSEF, AGL, GRS, GIA) stones throughout the years. Iris can handle huge, bespoke orders. We have consistently thrilled our customers by delivering stones on time and in pristine condition. We are a class apart because of the following features:

  1. Our culture values innovation. Our desire to try new things has pushed us to create unique cuts. As a result, our innovative cuts have received numerous honours and are quite popular among our consumers. We thrive on our ongoing need for innovation, and as a result, we've been at the forefront of several industry advancements.
  2. Because of our international network of suppliers and the trust we've earned over the years, you can have easy access to stones.
  3. Another attribute that the best quality emerald should have is the ability to be certified. When you buy certified gemstones, you can rest assured that the stone is genuine and free of any plastic, glass, or synthetic substance. The majority of GIA certified emeralds have thorough information on cut, transparency, colour, and carat weight, among other things. This guarantees that none of the gemstone's information regarding the gemstone is wrong. The GIA conducts quality assessments in a transparent and unbiased manner. The GIA is well-known for its strict grading criteria. Its meticulous review process is held up as the gold standard by which all others are judged. When you buy GIA-certified emerald jewellery, you know you are getting the best quality emerald. 
  4. All of our emeralds and emerald jewellery are offered at incredibly low prices. Competitors may offer lesser pricing, but the quality of the emeralds provided will not compare to the care with which the emeralds are cut and set in jewellery that we provide. When it comes to emeralds, knowledge is vital, and the more information you have, the more confident you may be in your decision.
  5. We collaborate directly with the mining firms that supply the rough crystals mined all around the world. Here in the USA, where our headquarters are located, we work with very skilled emerald cutters. We transport emeralds straight from the mine to the market.
  6. Each of our emeralds is scanned using modern 3D scanning equipment to determine its facets and general form. This report displays a stone's exact facet angles, size, per cent measurements, and symmetry details, allowing our customers to scrutinise each emerald in great detail.
  7. If you would like to order custom-crafted emeralds from the best lapidarist's on the planet, then IrisGems is your destination.
  8. We realise the difficulties of online purchasing, and one of them is returning goods and receiving a refund. Our 30-day return and refund policy is specifically designed to make it easy for customers to return things if they are unhappy with them. 
  9. IrisGems is one of the USA's biggest online gem dealers, with a large inventory of gemstones and a global supply network. Thousands of top-quality precious and semi-precious gemstones in various colour tones, shapes, and carat weights are available in our vast and diverse assortment to fulfil the diverse needs of our customers.
  10. Although Colombian Emeralds are regarded as the best globally, the IrisGems collection of Zambian and Brazilian Emeralds is cutting-edge. Comprimising when it comes to the quality of our gemstones at IrisGems, especially when it comes to valuable astrological gemstones like Emerald is something which we are totally against of. 


The magnificence of an emerald is hard to appreciate unless you hold one in your hands. When comparing naturally mined emeralds, you'll notice that they're all different. And we at IrisGems can provide you with the best quality emerald and make your investment worth every penny.