What are the properties of an emerald stone?

High-quality Emerald


High-quality Emerald: Emeralds are beryl mineral specimens with a deep, distinctively green colour that are gem-quality. They can be found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks in a few areas worldwide. Emeralds have been one of the most desired and precious coloured stones for over 5000 years. Emeralds were discovered and valued by ancient civilisations in Africa, Asia, and South America all at the same time. Emerald is the birthstone for persons born in May in the United States and many other nations. Today, emerald, ruby, and sapphire are known as the "big three" of coloured stones. Emerald is one of the most luxurious and looked for gems due to its sparkling green colour, rarity and durability. It becomes inevitable to know about the properties of a high-quality emerald gemstone and distinguish between a genuine and a fake emerald.

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High Quality Emerald Origin and Formation

high-quality emerald is the green to a greenish-blue variety of beryl family gemstones. Though Emeralds are mined from all over the world such as Russia, Australia, the USA, Pakistan and Afghanistan but Colombia, Brazil and Zambia are the three major sources.


Among these three countries, Colombia is the famous source of the finest deep green emeralds wherein 70-90% of emeralds are being produced from Colombia. 

Zambia emeralds are desirable for their bluish-green shade while Brazilian emeralds are valued for slightly yellow-green colour. 

Properties of a high-quality emerald stone

Some of the physical properties of a best high-quality emerald include-

  1. Colour- The colour green is what distinguishes an emerald. A piece must be noticeably green in colour, ranging from bluish-green to green to slightly yellowish green, to be classified as an emerald. The specimen must also be of a deep colour to be considered an emerald. Green Beryl should be used to describe stones with low saturation or a light tone.
  2. Durability- The Mohs hardness of emerald ranges from 7.5 to 8, which is considered an excellent hardness for jewellery. Most emeralds, on the other hand, have many inclusions or surface-reaching cracks. These can degrade the gem, making it fragile and vulnerable to fracture. It's rare to come across an emerald without inclusions or surface-reaching fractures visible to the naked eye. Most emeralds are reported to feature a "garden" of inclusions when viewed under low power objective. Majority of cut emeralds are treated with oils, waxes, polymers, or other compounds that penetrate the cracks and reduce their visibility. These treatments may improve the beauty of the diamond, but they rarely increase its durability, and the gem may discolour or disintegrate with time.
  3. Chemical composition- Beryl is an uncommon mineral that has the chemical formula Be3Al2(SiO3)6. The green colour of emeralds is due to trace levels of chromium or vanadium.
  4. Specific gravity- Alluvial deposits are rarely used to mine emeralds. Emerald is typically a broken stone with short alluvial resilience to survive long distances. Emerald possess a specific gravity of 2.7 to 2.8, similar to quartz, feldspar, and other commonly encountered components in stream sediments.
  5. Treatment- There are procedures that artisans are familiar with and have adopted and therapies that aren't as widely known. Most emeralds are treated with oil after they have been finished and cut by lapidaries. This is when oil is injected into surface-reaching fissures, cracks, and fractures to increase stone stability and clarity. Traders tolerate this practice, even though it lowers the value of naturally beautiful emerald stones. In the marketplace, another process is noticed connoisseurs do not approve that. Green oil is poured into the stone, which changes its colour and gives it more consistency and transparency.
  6. Carat- The price of an emerald does not increase with its carat weight, unlike other jewels. Emeralds are extremely rare in huge sizes. Hence they attract a more significant premium. However, this isn't always the case. It is still preferable to have a smaller stone with deep and rich colour than a stone capable of producing a high stone with inferior colour or clarity. On the current market, you can find emeralds ranging in size from 0.001 carats to 200 carats.
  7. Shape- In nature, emerald crystals are hexagonal. Other types of green Beryl that do not have a hexagonal crystal habit and are coloured by traces of iron (Trace amounts of chromium and vanadium colour emeralds) are frequently heated to eliminate the green colour component and labelled as Aquamarine.
      8. Clarity- Clarity in emeralds refers to how the gem appears on the inside,           and this is what distinguishes an emerald from other gemstones.                         Inclusions are minute particles of other minerals, gas, liquid,
         and crystals that the emeralds pick up during the crystallisation process.             Approximately 99 per cent of all real emeralds will have these              characteristics.

Without a magnifying lens or a microscope, inclusions in emeralds can sometimes be seen. What may be deemed "flaws" or "imperfections" in other stones is entirely natural in emeralds, and it's one of the things we look for when we examine them under a magnifier.

When inclusions are close to the gem's surface, they can undermine its durability and reduce its value. Inclusions in the emerald might cause fractures. If any of these inclusions are near the surface, the stone can simply be broken through. The gem's value rises as the number of inclusions decreases. Clarity is crucial in appraising an emerald.


What are the Other Physical Properties of a high-quality emerald?

Columbian emeralds are the most expensive high-quality emeralds followed by Brazillian and Zambian stones.

Clarity- Natural emeralds have naked eye visible characterstics such as - inclusions, healed fractures and surface-reaching fractures. Green Emerald stones have always been included with distinct clarity characteristics.

Lustre- It has a glass-like appearance.

Durability- Compared to other precious stones like Ruby and Sapphire Emerald is very soft but is an awesome gemstone that is often used in jewellery/ pendants. However, while using emerald one should not let harmful chemicals or acid come in contact with these (Emerald) gemstones.

It is also often advised that Emerald should be cleaned with lukewarm water/ soft brush and gentle soap solution only and should not be cleaned with Ultrasonic cleaner.

Mohs Hardness- 7.5 to 8

Specific Gravity- 2.7 to 2.8

Chemical Composition - Emeralds reflects green colour due to amounts of chromium or vanadium. Chromium is a colour-changing element that causes the green colour in Emerald.

To know more about emerald gemstone purity read this ultimate guide. 

Metaphysical properties Of a High Quality Emerald

Emerald has a variety of metaphysical characteristics and resonates with the Heart chakra. It aids in the restoration of harmony and balance in all parts of life, particularly in the emotional realm. It dispels negativity and motivates others to take positive acts. Emerald strengthens character power and the ability to deal with life's hardships psychologically. This stone is ideal for both physical and mental regeneration and recuperation. It is a happy, energetic stone that urges us to live life to the utmost.

Healing properties of a high-quality emerald

  1. When emotions take a toll on you and you lose self-control, Emerald is an excellent stone to call on. It restores balance and harmony, reduces worries, and soothes tempers. Emerald also promotes mental awareness and brings to the forefront what you may not be aware of, allowing you to tap into your inner knowledge and understanding. It encourages discernment and truth, shielding you against deception and hidden intentions. 
  2. Emerald's therapeutic powers can aid in lowering blood pressure and addressing intestinal issues. It's also thought to work for epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Parkinson's disease, melancholy, and paranoia are all believed to be helped by it. Emerald energy can also help protect the heart, control blood pressure, relieve symptoms, and avoid infection. This stone can be used to treat a variety of ailments.

Emerald the birthstone of May babies

The birthstone for May is emerald, which is one of the official birthstones for the Taurus zodiac sign (April 21 – May 21). being an earth sign, it is realistic and practical to an unhealthy degree. Emerald might temper Taurus natural tendency to be rigid and unyielding. Emerald's positive qualities, on the other hand, amplify the Taurean qualities of dependability and perseverance.

Gemstone certification - Another Property

Another property that a high-quality emerald should possess is to look for certification. Purchasing gubelin certified gemstones ensures that the stone is real and free of any plastic, glass, or synthetic material.

The process of analysing a piece of stone against a set of standard metrics established by the gem industry to determine the effectiveness and other attributes of various gemstones is known as gemstone certification.

The majority GIA certified emerald provides detailed information about its essential characteristics, such as cut, transparency, colour, and carat weight. This ensures you can be sure that none of the gemstone's details about the gemstone is incorrect.

The GIA conducts transparent and impartial quality evaluations. The GIA is well-known for its stringent grading standards. Its thorough evaluation procedure is held up as the gold standard against which all others are measured. When you buy usa certified gemstone, you can rest assured that you are getting a good piece.

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What are the other natural gemstones similar to a high-quality emerald in terms of physical property?

  • There are a very few natual gems which are similar to emerald and brilliance of top high-quality emerald
  • Gemstones like Tsavorite, Chrome diopside and Chrome Tourmaline come close to Green Emerald. 
  • Other Green stone such as Peridot, Green Spinel, Green Zircon. Green Sapphire lack the intensity and colour found in emeralds. 
  • However, labs could easily sepearte emerald look gemstones with a very simple process of measurements of optical and physical properties. 
  • Labels like Tecla, Vanadium, Uralian, Cape and Oriental are just a few misleading names of semi-precious gems which masks as emeralds.

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 The grandeur of an emerald is challenging to comprehend unless you have one in your hands. When you compare naturally mined emeralds, you'll find that each one is unique. Depending on the amounts of trace minerals within each crystal and the lighting circumstances, its green colour might appear dazzling or soft pastel green.