The Ultimate Guide to Identifying the Purity of an Emerald Gemstone

Emerald Gemstone


Emerald Gemstone: Not everything that glitters is gold! This might also be said for that gemstone you've wanted to wear for a long time. The gleam, brightness, colour quality, and longevity of that seemingly beautiful, but perhaps false gemstone may entice you to purchase it. In India, gemstones are highly prized for their astrological properties. Due to the increased demand for valuable stones, consumers have been misled into buying imitation gemstones of the same size, shape, and colour as natural-mine stones. It is, therefore, necessary to identify the purity and quality of a gemstone before investing in it. One such precious gemstone is emerald. The emerald gemstone, which is green in hue, is one of the most delicate jewels. When worn as a ring, necklace, or other jewellery forms, the fascinating deep green colour represents an individual's appearance. The gemstone is not as hard as ruby or diamond, but it is also not as delicate. As a result, the emerald stone's endurance cannot be questioned; the best quality emerald in the world may be found in Colombia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, and Russia, among other places. Colombian emeralds are regarded to be the highest-quality emeralds on the market. Because of the prevalence of synthetic gem sellers in the market, distinguishing between an artificial emerald stone and a real emerald stone has become increasingly difficult. It is critical to understand how to check the quality of an emerald gemstone when purchasing one. It is impossible to establish the price of an emerald without first determining its purity.


Why do emeralds only come in green colour a think must consider when buy best quality emerald? 

The composition of chromium, vanadium and iron gives emeralds different shades. The amount of these three metals and their design 

Throughout, the crystal gives emeralds their overall colour. 

Emeralds are generally divided into the following three categories based on their hues and colour. 

Pure Green Emeralds: The combination of chromium, vanadium and short composition of iron makes this colour. 

Pure green coloured emeralds are the most valuable and high-quality emeralds of all. 

Like rubies are always found in red colour, emeralds are mostly found in green colour. 

Blue Green Emeralds: Emeralds with a bit high composition of iron usually have blue hues. 

Due to these blue hues, emeralds get a darker shade. 

Blue emeralds look so beautiful when worn, but they are not as valuable as emeralds that have a pure green colour. 

Yellow Green Emeralds: The composition of chromium and vanadium gives emeralds their green colour. 

The absence of these two components makes emeralds yellow overtones. 

These overtones are prominent and barely noticeable. 

And due to their yellow colour, these are generally referred to as yellow-green beryl. 

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How to identify real emerald from fake ?

Detecting a real emerald or high-quality emerald is quite a steady task. Looking at todays marketing approach it's not at all a esay job to identify a fake emerald.

A real or best quality emerald in the world doesn't sparkle with fire, as other gemstones such as diamonds or peridot. You can trick this with a source of light by doing so it will shine but with a dull fire. If the stone (emerald) does sparkle and have intense fire, then its 100 % fake emerald.

Secondly most prized emeralds are highly transparent. The most likeble emerald coors are bluish green with a bit saturation and it's tone is not too dark. Columbian emeralds are usually little warmer and more intense pure green color.

How do you buy high-quality emeralds?

A high-quality emerald has a rich green colour with a medium to medium-dark tone. It will also have a limited amount of additions that are well hidden by its style and slice. A high-quality emerald will also have a satisfying amount that maximizes the gem's beauty and increases its overall strength.


The Most Famous best quality emerald in the world

For ages, emeralds are being worn by kings, queens and Maharaja's and Here are the three famous best quality emeralds in the world which are known for their beauty, size and history. 

Bahia Emerald

Emeralds mining from Bahia mines has started in the year 2001. Minas Gerais and Bahia are the on,ly famous mines in Brazil.

Though the majority of emeralds are of inferior quality, sometimes miners find good quality emeralds as well that have their own unique beauty.

Chalk Emerald

Chalk Emerald are sourced from columbia and their usual weight is 38.40 carats. From Columbia, this emerald is transported to other parts of the world Us is one among them where it is recut and used for jewellery making purposes.

Chalk Emerald come with a cushion-cut which is surrounded by sixty pear-shaped diamonds.

Since 1972, Chalk Emerald is put up in the Smithsonian natural histry museum where visitors come from all over the world to see it.

Cambridge Emeralds

Cabochon emeralds are the most distinctive emeralds in the way they are shaped and shaped instead of being cut and faceted like most gemstones.

This emerald was worn by Queen Elizabeth II on a regular basis.

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Factors to consider when identifying the purity and quality of an emerald gemstone

Now that we know how important it is to identify the purity of the best quality emerald in the world as it can help you determine the actual value of this precious gemstone. We provide you with a step-by-step guide on distinguishing and identifying the best quality emerald in the world.

  1. Real, artificial, and synthetic emeralds are the three types of emerald gemstones available on the market. Inclusions would be present in a real emerald stone. The elements that penetrate the gemstone during its creation are known as inclusions. The presence of threadlike tendrils inside the gemstone can indicate that it is natural rather than synthetic.
  2. Emerald occurs in a variety of green hues, ranging from light to dark. The colour of the best emerald stone, on the other hand, is highly unique and immediately identified. Natural, genuine gemstones can occasionally have a bluish-green tint, which is quite normal. Real emerald gemstones, on the other hand, do not have yellow or brown tones. It's a good idea to look at the emerald through a dichroscope. Always keep in mind that high-quality emeralds have a lot of dichroism (two distinct colours), typically blue-green.
  3. It's wise to note that, unlike diamonds, moissanite, or peridot, real emerald gemstones don't glow when exposed to fire. When held up to the light, a real emerald will not produce rainbow flashes.
  4. The cost of an authentic emerald gemstone is pretty high. Emeralds are pricey, and if the dealer is offering you unreasonably low rates or giving you plenty of room to haggle, the emeralds are almost certainly fake. Always buy gemstones from a reputable supplier who can provide certification from a reputable lab.
  5. Emeralds are pretty durable, and as a result, they can survive a lot of wear and tear. Check for evidence of wear and tear if the emerald is fragmented in nature. If the edges of the gemstone appear to be worn down, it is most likely a softer substance and not a real emerald.
  6. Authentic emeralds or top-quality Panna stones are also available in doublet or triplet shape. These jewels appear to be significant and valuable. However, they are worthless. A doublet is a thin slice of emerald composed of two layers of green transparent material. In contrast, a triplet is a thin slice of emerald placed between two layers of green translucent material. The gemstone appears to be a solid emerald in both examples. Examine the margins of the stone attentively to determine whether it is a doublet or triplet. It's a doublet or triplet if the edges have layers.
  7. While you may learn how to spot a fake emerald by following the methods above, it is always a good idea to seek professional assistance before acquiring an emerald gemstone. Experts have more expertise, abilities, and instruments to verify the genuineness of the emerald you are buying. Look for a jeweller who has been certified by a national body like the American Society of Appraisers or the American Gem Society. A gemology diploma from a trade school is also a plus.


Emerald gemstone grading scale

Emeralds are a type of gemstone. As a result, they can be graded using the most commonly used grading method for all gemstones: Natural AAA, AA, or A.

  • Natural AAA: This is the best of the best. It is made up of the top ten per cent of gemstones. Natural AAA emeralds are a rich green colour with moderate to slight inclusions and high brightness.
  • Natural AA: This is the second-best gemstone category. Natural AA gemstones make up 20% to 30% of all gemstones. Medium green emeralds with medium inclusions fall into this category.
  • Natural A: Natural A gemstones make up 50 to 75 per cent of all gemstones. Natural A emeralds are dark green, transparent, and highly included. They are still good, but they're deemed inferior grade compared to the two groups above.
  • Aside from Natural AAA, AA, and A, there's also an Heirloom/Rare Emerald category. This is the most significant level of quality, even surpassing AAA. They're exceedingly hard to come by and highly pricey.

The 4C’s of quality check

  1. Colour, the fourth of the four C's that set the value of any gemstone, reigns dominant. The three decisive factors are the stone's colour, saturation, and tone. The best emeralds are brilliant or vibrant and have good saturation. Emeralds come in a variety of colours, from yellow-green to blue-green. Emeralds are jewels of the beryl family that have a medium to dark tone. Green tone refers to the lighter shades, which span from colourless at 0% to impenetrable black at 100%. The percentage of emeralds in the population is around 75%.
  2. Cut- Any stone's brilliant beauty is revealed only when it is carved to the correct shape to reflect light better. The emerald has its unique cut, known as the 'emerald cut.' This enhances the gem's attractiveness and increases its colour while also protecting it from mechanical and internal stress. The emerald cuts enhance the stone's brilliance and depth. An emerald is usually cut in a rectangle or square shape with rounded corners. These emeralds are typically found in larger pieces of jewellery with larger stones. Emeralds in the traditional pear shape, princess cut, and marquise cut shapes are very popular. The triangular trillion cut and the baguette-cut are two distinct emerald cuts. Low-grade emeralds are cut en cabochon, which means they are formed like beads and tied together to form long necklaces.
  3. Clarity- Emeralds are stones with numerous defects and fissures known as 'Jardin,' which means 'garden,' since they give the stone a green appearance. This would be considered a serious flaw in other stones, and this alone could depreciate their value, but not with emeralds. Such imperfections in emeralds indicate that they are natural. As a result, unlike diamonds, emerald clarity is rated by the eye rather than a Loupe test. It is termed a perfect emerald if no apparent inclusions can be spotted at a typical 10x magnification. Due to the rarity of flawless emeralds, the stone is generally treated with oils to fill in the imperfections and improve its brightness. The best emeralds have an attractively similar flat-topped hexagonal-shaped crystalline structure to the faceted type.
  4. Carat weight- Fashioned emeralds are available in a variety of sizes. There are emeralds weighing hundreds of carats in museums and private collections. At the other end of the spectrum are fractions of carat emeralds.


Top 3 Best Quality Emerald in the World and Their Country of Origin

Emerald is the most valuable gemstone. However, Emerald deposits are found globally but more abundantly in some countries.

Where are your emeralds sourced from, and what are their distinct features and colours?

Natural Columbian Emerald - Most emeralds are sourced from Columbia from the most famous deposit in Columbia - Muzo Mine.

It yields the best quality emerald in the world of deep green colour.

For ages, Columbia has been the top provider of the world's highest quality.

Natural Brazilian Emerald - Brazil is the second primary source of emeralds. Emeralds are majorly mined from Goias, Minas and Bahia mines.

If we compare the quality of Brazilian emeralds with Columbian emeralds - Brazillian emeralds are lighter yellow-green colour and are usually free of inclusions.

Brazilian emerald display a natural glow, rich colour and good transparency, which adds value to this gemstone. To buy best quality emerald visit IRIS GEMS at

Natural African Emeralds - African is the third-largest source of emeralds. Emeralds deposits are mainly sourced from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania.

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The majority of emeralds are produced in Zambia, which is found in Kamakanga and kagem mines.

What Makes Zambian Emerald Best Quality Emerald in the World?

Zambian Emerald are fine quality emeralds and are known for their deep green hue with slight bluish overtone and superior clarity. Zambian emeralds colour and quality makes these gemstones the most sought gemstone after rubies and sapphires. 

Let's quickly explore what makes Zambian Emeralds the best quality emerald in the world

1. High-Quality Emeralds- Zambian emeralds are extremely high-quality emeralds. Above all, in recent years, Zambian emeralds are becoming popular due to their unique appearance and green hues. 

With a 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale, Zambian emeralds are naturally more potent than other emeralds. This strongness put them just behind sapphires and rubies and diamonds. 

2. Competitively Priced- Zambian emeralds are highly preferred due to their colour and clarity, even they remain a lot more affordable than other emeralds. 

One of the many reasons is they don't boast as a long history as Columbian Emeralds do. This gives the buyers a fantastic opportunity who want a stunning stone at a more affordable price. 

3. Zambian Emeralds has a reputation-Zambia as the home to the world's largest productive emerald mine. In October 2018, a 5,655-carat emerald was unearthed from Zambia's kagem mine. It was named "Inkalamu". 

But Inkalamu isn't the giant emerald; in February 2010, a 6,255-carat emerald was discovered- it is believed that more than 450 million years ago, just like Inkalamu. 

Both of these glorious emeralds now take pride of place in the jewellery collection. 

After then the Zambian emeralds joins an exclusive list of stones. 

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Why check Pleochroism of an Emerald when you head to buy best quality emerald?

Pleochroism comes into the picture when a gemstone starts reflecting more than one colour.

Emerald Gemstones start changes colours slightly when it is viewed from different angles. Pleochroism occurs when a stone has more than one trace metal in it.

While making jewellery, emeralds that have pleochroism such stones are cut very carefully to let out their best possible green colour.

This effect is clearly visible in yellow or blue emeralds whereas pure green emeralds have a very slight noticeable pleochroism effect.

bluish-green coloured emerald is the most desirable gem by people when they look to buy best quality emerald and such emeralds are highly transparent.


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Emeralds are the most valuable gemstone and the rarest gemstone on the market. They are regarded as the crown jewels of monarchy and enchantment. Emeralds are distinguished by their vivid green hue and natural inclusions, which give each one a unique appearance. And because of this gemstone’s popularity, you can find dupes and artificial stones in the market. This guide will help you figure out how to identify and distinguish the real and genuine emerald.



Where to buy best quality emerald in the world? 
Make sure to buy from certified dealers or jewellers who have proof of authenticity from a reputed lab such as - GIA, Gubelin and more.

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How do I get to know whether an emerald is real?
To identify the quality of an emerald just follow these simple steps-
*Inspect cracks or Inclusions
*Inspect transparency of Emerald Gemstone
*Inspect Emerald with a magnifying glass
*Check the colour of an emerald gemstone

What are the origins of Emerald gemstone?
Emerald is basically found in countries like - Columbia, Pakistan, Russia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan.

What are the different colours of emerald?
Light Green, Dark Green, Medium Green Color and Deep Intense green colour.

Which emerald is the best quality emerald in the world?

Emeralds come in Natural AAA, AA, or A quality. Natural AAA is the highest quality emerald. These types of emeralds are rich green, and they exhibit very high brilliance. 

Which country emerald are the best quality emerald in the world?

Columbia is the top provider of the best quality emerald in the world. Emeralds natural colour is medium to a darker colour to blue-green colour. This colour of emerald is the most pleasing colour of emerald, which is derived from chromium, vanadium or a combination of both. 

What are emeralds good for?

Emeralds are best known for their healing properties. Emeralds are also equally known to enhance the flow of energy between chakras.

This gemstone also aligns you to spiritual, mental, physical and emotional balances.

Does buying best quality emerald last forever?

They can if cared for well. Emeralds are scratch resistant and have a 7.5-8 reading on Mohs Hardness Scale.

This much stiffness is quite okay to make a stone durable enough for everyday wear.

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